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Recent posts by Jim Venolia

Naturally it turned out my guess was correct and I screwed up something I should have known.  Namely:

Thanks for the help!
7 hours ago
Yeah, I thought so.  Problem is I can't for the life of me get my sample code to compile.  Um, help?

Heh, I can now edit my posts.  You folks like me <blush>

Googling nested classes gives lots of results.  I'm heading out for the night, feel free to carry on without me.  I'm not above standing on the shoulders of giants
22 hours ago
Is it possible to declare a class within a class?  For example:

(no, this does not compile)

Seems stupid to have a for this silly little Bar class that is only used twice (when creating the list, and when printing it), and is only needed in the Foo class.

If I can't have a class in a class, how would you do this without making a file?  I thought of ArrayList<ArrayList>, but then I'm using 0 and 1 instead of oldName and newName.

While I'm at it, even if this isn't possible in Java what is it generally called in the OO world?
1 day ago
That is correct.

Edit (Hey, I can edit now!  whoo hoo!!).

That is partially correct.  You are declaring the boolean variable p1isRight and setting it to false.
2 days ago
What don't you understand?  You're declaring 3 booleans and setting them to false.  There is no ternary operator involved.
2 days ago
Heh.  Just realized this place doesn't allow nicknames, just real names.  On all the other forums I frequent my username is Snotnose.

3 days ago
Hot coffee on a cold day driving to work always gave me nasal drip.  So, snotnose?
4 days ago
Java is completely unsuited for embedded work.  By embedded I mean talking to hardware.  There is work where someone else talks to the hardware and you can write Java on top of it, but those are rare.

With software testing you'll still need to keep up with the latest frameworks, APIs, and all that other cruft.

IMHO, biotech is where computers were in the 80s.  Just taking off with a huge future ahead.  My understanding is biotech works with a lot of large datasets, which Java is well suited for thanks to it's streams API.  Perhaps you can learn enough biology/chemistry to be dangerous, then get a job in that field.

6 days ago
I've done all sorts of reading on streams and lambdas so theoretically I understand them.  But I learn by doing, not by reading.  So I need to write some programs for it to all gel.

Does anyone know of websites with some problems to be solved with streams and/or lambdas?
1 week ago
There are other types of log files than tracking software flow.  Some I've worked on dealt with cell phones, missile telemetry, and robotic controls.  None of them had file names, class names, nor line numbers.

They do all have timestamps though.
1 week ago
Thanks Ron, I've never seen the :: operator before.  It's going to be fun figuring out how this code works, it's way beyond anything I've ever done.

As for Spliterator, looks like my problem was I didn't realize there was both a Spliterator and a Spliterators.  I tried one or the other and things wouldn't compile.
1 week ago

java.util.Spliterator is a part of Java 1.8

This is a large part of my problem.  I get these snippets off the net, none of which give the imports, so I'm suddenly playing a guessing game.  I have this strong hatred of things like "import java.utils.*", probably from my C days where every #include not only added to your compile time, but when an include file you didn't use changed you ended up compiling your program anyway.

Whatever, I'm running the latest and greatest Java AFAIK.  Hmmm.

I really don't want to hijack this thread on importing everything or not, I'd rather know how to quickly find out what to feed "import" when I find something unknown like "FooStuff" in code found on the net.
1 week ago
To be honest I'm loving the hell out of this thread.  Started out with me asking the question of "my naive java newbie self figured out how to do these 2 things that IMHO sound like common issues", and has evolved to that RLC thing Ron posted.  As it stands Salvin's Consumer thingie is working for me, still not sure why I can't make it work without the "implements Consumer" part, nor where accept is coming from.   Don't explain, I'm making myself sound dumber than I am.

Streams.  30 years ago I was doing magic with Unix pipes.  Streams are how those pipes have evolved.  I want to learn them.

I just wish I was 20 years younger so this new knowledge would be more useful.   Actually, scratch that.  I wish I had another 40 years to live, I'd spend lots of them putting this knowledge to use.
1 week ago
Wow.  Thanks Piet for RLC.  I don't even know where to start figuring that out.  What do I need to import to get it to compile?
1 week ago