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Recent posts by Marwan Adel

Dear All,
I am new to bigdata are and I want some help for the folks to recommend good resource for bigdata for beginners
5 years ago
I have received my assignment/Essay results right now, I got 140 out of 160

One year and half ago I have failed in my Part I exam, Thanks to all folks that have supported me with their words this day, Special thanks to Amritendu De, Mikalai Zaikin, Fernando Franzini and K. Tsang

Later I may type a blog for my experience with the exam and I will share it , hopefully someone will find it helpful
Dear All,
Many of our folks in this forum have experienced a fast result reveal of 12 calendar days, Is this is current result time now ?
Because I have submitted my assignment at 12 of this month and My essay exam was on 15th of july, I have expected to receive the result yesterday or today but this doesn't happened, Any advices ?
I was wandering if I can create a bean inside another bean and pass it to a new XHTML


Bean: FirstBean is binded to FirstPage.xhtml
Bean: SecondBean is binded to SecondPage.xhtml

When pressing submit button in FirstPage.xhtml it will trigger submit method in firstBean which will do some logic and then it will create secondBean instance and then passed to secondPage.xhtml to be rendered

how is this done?
5 years ago
I am wandering about If I have to justify my choice of HW profile or not.

Also I want to know the minimum requirements for running Apache HTTPD server , as I have searched on apache website but I only found storage requirements.

Thanks in advance
I am wondering about the level of details needed for class diagram in part II , If I have created one unique class diagram containing all attributes and methods this will overkill the diagram

I am thinking of creating package diagram and then abstract class diagram with almost no details (No attributes or methods ) and then drive down to each logical or physical group to complete it's whole details

Is this accepted in the assignment or not ?
I am asking about the separation of concerns in JSF application , Is it best practice to access service layer directly from action method or to use SFSB with CDI ?
In my assignment I can hardly find any need for EJB, I do not have special transaction or security constraints to be used, no functionality is needed to be exposed to other parties , No special messaging to use MDB in

Is this common case or there may be a trick somewhere?

Another question is related to the use of MDB: I have some inbox functionality , with tracking capability needed, I found that the best approach is persisting request with assignee and status (inbox , read , processed , closed) rather than using MDB, Any better suggestion.

In my assignment I have a doctor class, This doctor can provide consultation so he can act as a consultant
Where every consultant is a doctor, While not every doctor is a consultant
Dear All,
I have a question about the best practice for modelling this case:

Every A is B but Not every B is A

All methods and attributes in B is in A

These rules can not be changed

So what is the best practice for modelling this case:

Creating super class C which both A & B inherits it with more attributes for A
Create class A to inherits class B
Or should I decorate class B with more attributes from class A ?

What is your suggestion ? Considering that both A & B will be store in same DB table ?
Hi All,
I would like to ask about the comparison between using JSF and using JSP + Servlets , Why should I favor one of the two technologies over the other?

6 years ago
Hi every body,
I have failed yesterday to pass Part I , I have studied the past 6 months almost 1 hour daily, My main study guide was SCEA study guide by Paul Allen and Joseph Bambara (Jul 12, 2007) + Mark Cade book.
The both books provide good - yet not sufficient - context for preparing for the exam.

the Most important flaws in these books are as following:
- Security part is not sufficient at all , You will need to be aware of the basic threats for a web application (Session Hijacking , SQL injection ... etc).
- I almost get 6 questions out of 60 related to Anti - patterns , Which is not even stated.
- Bambara's book have focused on EJB prior to 3.0 so you will need to review the EJB part from another source
- Bambara's book haven't covered the SOA , On the other hand Cade's give it almost one page in the whole book.

Hi every body,
Need your help as I am planning to have my OCMJEA exam (according to EE 6) , I have just completed the mandatory training and I am looking for the whole studying plan for the three part , What is the best books and resources.

Thanks in advance