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if you can reproduce the scenario, you can try to use some profiling tool, such as OptimizeIt Thread Debugger, to get a real-time view of threads
17 years ago
i have a free voucher to be wasted, because i had took the test when i got the voucher. I was wondering how i can return it to IBM.
looks good, where are these "several high quality coding contests with cash prizes"? thanks

Originally posted by Fred Grott:

Manish there are several high quality coding contests with cash prizes out there that require you to develop applicaiotns with server side stuff that use J2EE..
Why not ocmplete one of these? Following thi spath you get:
-Opportunity to earn cash money if you win
-Oppportunity of exp with a demo that wokrs to back up your resume
-Opportunity to network with companeis that hire as participant in the contest..
The growth area right now for coding contests that pay cash prizes is Mobile device programming with an emphasis on web services and J2EE..
<y exp was different in that I was faced with downturn after consulting ofr a dot com.. so to break into mobile device programming I have entered an iTV developer contest which gives me skills transferable between PersonalJava and J2ME with emphasis on xml and xml-rpc and J2EE..>
That contest ends in Dec 31st or else I would suggest tha tyou enter..
Hmm, lets see Motorola devleoper iden contest is $5000 with app concept dealine of Jan 10th and app deadline of March..
I woudl og to and start goign through every company on the tools list at that site.. you can often find coding contests that way..
There is alos a gaming contest of coding as well for the J2ME platform that you coudl use J2EE on..its listed on adiffernt page within sun's wireless site..
I got lucky on the iTV contest because there are only 20 particpants..makes the chances to win a prize so much easier..

I hope this helps and if you need any more information use my profile here and contact me..
Habe a nice New Year!

18 years ago

Originally posted by Graham Mead:
This could be a stupid question but here goes. Does WSAD have an inbuilt Web/HTTP Server.


If so is it configurable, i.e setting up Aliases etc, is there any documentation on it anywhere.

yes. set it in server-cfg.xml, see wsad doc.

Cooper: My advice to Microsoft is to abandon the browser. The browser is a red herring; it's a dead end. The idea of having batched processing inside a very stupid program that's controlled remotely is a software architecture that was invented about 25 years ago by IBM, and was abandoned about 20 years ago because it's a bad architecture. We've gone tremendously retrograde by bringing in Web browsers. Now we have an infinite variety of computers all around the world and an infinite variety of remote sites all around the world. That's the power. And the power would be greater and the capabilities would be three orders of magnitude greater if we could get rid of this old, stupid, stinking technology of browsers. We have stepped backward in terms of user interface, capability, and the breadth of our thinking about what we could do as a civilization. The browser is a very weak and stupid program because it was written as essentially a master's thesis inside a university and as an experiment. Internet Explorer is nothing more than a master's thesis program.

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18 years ago
so i was right that there were only 1000 free vouchers in total.
these are the disadvantages of vertical scaling when it is compared to horizontal scaling

Originally posted by Gus Dur:

How can it reduce reliability and availability,
in my opinion, it remains the same...
Gus Dur

The first approach is good, but it could not be used in my application, because there is no unique constraints in my table, AND I have to check another DB (in another server) to see if i need create a new entry.
The 2nd approach seems good. since my class is running inside an app server, it is possible that two instances are created, in which case i can make 'locks' static and as synchronized set. right?

Originally posted by Rufus BugleWeed:
Does implementing your customer creation class as
stateless session bean reduce your problem?

Thanks for your reply.
a method in a stateless session bean only guarantee the transactional part, in which the whole process will be rolled back in case of exception.
I still need to synchronize the method inside the session bean, AND in the descriptor file I need tell the container not to create more than one instance in the pool. so it is similar in terms of performance.
Gupta ( mentioned to use table/record level synchronization with stored procs. Maybe it is one way to do it.

Originally posted by Syed AliRaza Zaidi:
Microsoft Certified C# .Net Windows Application Programmer

u r good
I still think the total number of free vouchers is 1000, and uml vouchers were gone faster than 157. did anyone get voucher for 486?
i have not got my voucher for 486. I fnished the test around 10:45pm pst. thats why i have been wondering about the 100 vouchers limit per test

2. be one of the 1000 people to achieve the passing score on one or more of the applicable Pre-assessment/Sample Tests, between November 18, 2002 and February 29, 2003.

is there limit for each test? eg, 100 vouchers for each test? or max 2 voucher for each tester?
how to answer this question?

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