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Recent posts by Michael Ciaccio

I am new to J2ME, wireless. My immediate concern is getting started. What are the best development environments, software development kits? I am well versed in JAVA, I need recommendations regarding coding J2ME, wireless applications.
Michael Ciaccio, B.Sc.
19 years ago
I am preparing for the SCWCD certification.
I have several references.
In at least one reference it is indicated that the password is passed as clear text utilizing HTTP Basic Authentication. In at least one other text is is indicated the password is passed using base 64 encoding, a weak type of encryption. Which is right?? Comments welcome. Thank you in advance for your help.
I and possibly others may want to see your CLASSPATH, (echo $CLASSPATH, (unix)), a snapshot of your directory structure, ls -lR(unix), the source code (the package statement would be of immediate interest) the complete listing will do no harm. Your command line for compilation javac ...... anything else relevant to your issue.
Good Luck -
Michael Ciaccio B.Sc.
SUN Certified Programmer for the JAVA 2 Platform
Java Consultant
Menfi Systems Incorporated

Originally posted by Christian Garcia:
I'm banging my head against the desk over here trying to compile my source. The compilation executes without any errors, however, the packages aren't created in the directory structure. I know it's not a classpath problem and I have the correct parameters added to 'javac'. Has anyone else run into this??

Thank you for your response.
Looks like it took 17 days for you to get your results. I am on day 20 and I have not heard anything. How do you determine the "day the assessor" receives your assignment? I regularly
log on to CertManager, Test History and / or Cert Progress. I see my Java Programmer certification, I do not see any entries for my pending developer certification. I emailed this morning regarding my questions. Comments welcome regarding how I can obtain additional information regarding my pending developer certification.

Originally posted by Mike Piotrowski:
I uploaded and took my essay exam on June 12, 2002. The assesor recived my assignment June 19 and I recieved my results on June 29, 2002.

What are some recent time intervals?
How long between the time one takes the essay and one learns of their score?
Thank you!
I expected this may have been asked before, I searched I was not able to find a post.
Thank you.
From my understanding of threads the synchronized key word provides the locking mechanism. The SCJD assignment from SUN requires the implementation of the lock(int record) and unlock(int record). I have searched the web using google, the usenet news groups
using google groups, several java text books I have and this forum. I am looking for an example or tutorial that has java code demonstrating the concept the SCJD exam requires. Please point me to a tutorial, faq, or java source code that demonstrates this concept. Thank you in advance for your help.