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dhanu sudha

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Recent posts by dhanu sudha

How to: Executing a script on a remote unix system with user other than root using java
13 years ago
How to calculate difference in months between 2 dates?
15 years ago
How to upload a image file?
can anyone help me out?
16 years ago
what happens if we disable the cookies in the browser?so in this case how do we track the session?
kindly give the answer.
16 years ago
Whats the difference between JSP and servlets?
on Performance basis which is the best and how?
16 years ago
will weblogic 5.1 supports programmatic transaction?
how to perform this in case of bean managed bean?
I have a doubt.
How to open a file from applet?
can anybody tell this?
16 years ago
what will be the output for this program?

(edited by Cindy to format code)
[ May 04, 2002: Message edited by: Cindy Glass ]
16 years ago
What is sandbox?
Will applets running in a sandbox is secured?
Give a idea
16 years ago
How container is maintaining state for stateful session bean behind the scene?
I need a clear idea.
Can anybody clarify it?
How JVM is performing garbage collection
behind the scene?