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hi friends,
Most of u people clered the test of webcomponent development as well J2ee allso. what is the level of difficulty you feel?
can the level of difficulty be compared with SCEA certification?
How much indepth in the Objectives of sun web site to follow?
In my Important list you
should know JSP & Servlet & Servlet container model,MVC architecture.
But Pre rewusit is you must be a sun certified Java programmer.
visit the following url for further details about objectives.
In My previous post I asked a quary about Ip_conntrack error message.
Can any LINUX Hero can give my answer.
20 years ago
Hi Friends,
I configured aGateway in PCQuest Linux 7.1 .After 2 Days I am getting error message like
IP_Conntrack Message exids 82134...
I think there is some where the maximum size buffer exids .
How to trouble shoot this .
20 years ago
Hi friends please improve the discussion level. I request you to concentrate more on exam objectives & help me & others in Preparation. I will definitely go for another chance.
Very Disappointed!
I got only 64% .
Legacy Connectivity 60
Protocol 100
EJB 77
EJB Container Model 75
Concept 66
Common Archie50
Applicability of J2EE66
Design Pattern 60
Messaging 66

Internationalization is the one in which I got 0.
The Survey I answered 2nd , 3 rd Item as B & all other as A.
The Questions are not that much lengthy.
They were very clear & easy. But I don�t know what happened.
Questions About UML <edited>
I received one Question on multiplicity.
Design Pattern Questions are asking about.
Remote Home Interface type . <edited>.
On ejb very simple Questions asking about where to use what type of bean. Benefits of CMP , BMP , DAO & its Applicability.
CORBA A few Questions. Questions Firewall & its services. Applet and its Security on Browser.
About Internationalization I got 2 Questions & made both wrong .
It was asking to identify the local sensitive items . java.util.Local/java.text???.
One thing that the test was simple I finished the first round in 30 min. and revised for the 2nd time. I do not know what Questions I missed. any way this is all from .
I thanks to Java ranch & SUN for their Support. But I was unable to take advantage of this Chance.
If any thing objectionable in this post I regret

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Hi friends!
With reference to the Adv in News Paper
Times Of India 11th July 2001 /Hindustan Times 12 July 2001. There is a requirement of 1050 Professional in Trivendram for "US Technology park".
The Applicant should have to Pay Rs. 900/- DD amount for Qualifying Exam.
I don�t understand Why Rs.900/- such a high amount they require?
Think of the UN employment Rate in INDIA .I think they are going to make money by simply selling the Exam hall tickets.
There is no guaranty that you will get back even 1/4th of the amount if you fail to clear written test.
It should be recommended to think before applying for the same.
It is My View.
21 years ago
When Sun Will come with J2ME Certification???
Hi Do you know
That Linux can be installed on Windows Partition i.e FAT 16.
I got a CD having linux Software (Not RedHat).
I will try it in few days .
21 years ago
Hi SMK Reddy
First Congrats for passing Part I
I think it is enough that you passed the exam forget about the score.
You must put your experience with the exam.
It will help me as well as other who are preparing for the exam .
Waiting to see more on your posting.
Oh Thats great.
Congrats! Amanda
Hi Amanda
I am constantly Watching your posts.
You written your friend passed in less time & less effort.
I even saw this.
My friends Passed MCSD & SCJP with less time like 1-2week study & scored batter %age then me.
I scored by a failure in One Paper in MCSD & in less %age in SCJP.
But I found My self better then those every field.
So I think One persons experience plays a role while coming out of certification.
I wish Best result for you.
Your Effort Experience & your %age combining put you in a batter position then any one else.

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Congrats! Madhu
What's Next ....
83 is a Good %age .
Throw some light on LoadBalancing & Clustring.
& Also EJB Questions.
Best wishes for Par II & III.
[This message has been edited by Bidyut Padhi (edited June 18, 2001).]
Hi shivani
It is Rajmohan who passed SCEA. I think you should edit your message
Congrats! raj
Waiting for your links & description about the exam.
How to handle etc...
Best wishes for Part II & III