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Recent posts by Andy Halim

Hello Ranchers,

Just cleared the exam today at 97% score. I'd like to thank the authors of the HFSJ book, Mikalai Zaikin for his study notes and all the sites who provide the free mock-exams found on the JavaRanch SCWCD links for helping me achieve this.

As for the exam itself, I thought it was about what I expected. There were a few questions where it really took me a good few minutes to think through the answers, but other than those the rest are fairly straight-forward (Loved the code-magnets!). Also, the only section where I didn't get 100% was the custom tag library one, and I had thought coming in that was one of my strongest areas :roll:

Overall, I guess I'm pretty satisfied with the score
15 years ago
Passed the exam this morning with a score of 88% (52/59). Still can't get rid of this big grin off my face
First and foremost, I'd like to thank JavaRanch and also the kind and highly knowledgeable folks there. I'd also like to thank Jane for her excellent study notes and Marcus Green for his study notes and mock exam.
Anyway, back to the exam itself. I thought it was pretty good, forget what you've heard about it being too easy or too hard. It's neither, or in other words it's something in between. If you've prepared yourself well, be confident and you should have a pretty good chance of passing.
The exam that I took had the questions spread out pretty much evenly between all objectives. There was one question about String that I could swear had no correct choice.
As far as preparation, I spent about two months studying for the exam and the materials I used were:
- the RHE book
- Java Quick Reference by Jane
- Marcus Green's site
- JQ+
My scores for the mock exams that I took were:
- RHE Mock Exam : 70% (35/50)
- RHE Bonus Exam 1 : 80% (40/50)
- RHE Bonus Exam 2 : 84% (42/50)
- RHE Bonus Exam 3 : 80% (40/50)
- JQ+ Standard Test 1 : 81% (49/60)
- JQ+ Standard Test 2 : 78% (47/60)
- JQ+ Random Test 1 : 78% (47/60)
- JQ+ Random Test 2 : 83% (50/60)
- Marcus Green Exam 1 : 90% (54/60)
Good luck to those who will be taking the exam and let me know if I can be of any help.
18 years ago