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Recent posts by Elia Bigogno

OMG! It's just a problem of the preview in Android Studio and in the emulator (if not really zoomed)!
8 years ago
I have this ImageButton

where crimson_round_button.xml drawable is

and the play_white.png drawable represents only the white play icon in the button.

My final result is this one

A you can see the inner icon looks not aligned with the center of the circle and you can notice that the right and bottom borders are a little bit cropped.

The reason is that the applied background is not fitting the ImageButton, as you can see in this image where I selected the ImageButton in Android Studio preview

I also made a try removing the image from the button, but as you can see the result is always the same, the circle set as ImageButton background is no more a circle, it's cropped on the left side and at the bottom

and setting a 4dp elevation to the ImageButton the cropped border is much more visible

Any idea why this is happening?

8 years ago
Thank you very much Bill for your fast and useful answer!
10 years ago
Hi everybody,
this is my problem:

in my properties file I've got this entry

in my class I've got

but what I can see (debugging) in my currencyPattern variable is


I think there is an encoding problem ... any suggestion?

Thank you in advance for your help,
10 years ago