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Recent posts by saad el khlifi

This is the side effect of 10 years of  java coding with monolithic architectures
Of course CodeRanch that I mean ;)
Very happy to be in the winners list
Amazing experience, to win an amazing book with an amazing javaranch team
It make sens ;)
Thank you very much. Hope you success in your book
* Inheristance is good it give us a nice to tool to acheive reusablity, maintenablity. However, this tool has also some limitations, in java we can only inherit from one class, Inheretence can also break the open closed principle. A nice alternative to have in your software tools is the composition; the strategy pattern
* If getters and setters are good or not depends on the type of the object you are designing and the programming style you are following. In the OO getter and setter can break the encapsulation and the Low of Demeter principle
1 month ago
I like the javascript ecosystem and Servelrless technology seems to be very interesting, but the real world is also a team to manage and a client to convaince
So I have some questions about the every day developpement process that can stick the best with such architectures

* Based on your experience what it is the developpement process you can suggest for a team composed of about 6 fullstack developpers
* How the local envirements can be structured and configured (tools you use, tests you developpe, the structure of serverless based projects )
* Do you use integration and staging envirements ? are those envirements are also located in AWS
* What about performance issues these architectures may enconter and your advice to avoid them ?

Thank you in advance
More details about the test are needed, Can you share with us the statement of the problem ?
6 months ago
Think about the Testability
You can apply Junit (or other tool) integration test on the DAO layer, while in the business layer you do Junit unit test by mocking the dao dependencies.
By this way you can test easy & best, have a good coverage, and be sure that your components are rebust and of course reusable.