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Recent posts by Zach Stevenson

I just took the exam and received 96%.

I didn't do half of the things the OP (P Kowalski) did to get ready.

First, I had an amazing foundation. I went to Full Sail University for Web Development. It was essentially a Comp Sci degree that didn't go over algorithms. Design patterns were a big focus. While I was there, I learned ActionScript 3, Javascript, PHP, Coldfusion (as well as html/css). If anyone doesn't know ActionScript 3, unlike it's predecessors, is like a baby java.

I have since been working for a company doing Coldfusion for the last 3 years. Coldfusion is an Application Framework written in Java and once you get past the basics, you find that using Java classes inside the language is the only way to go.

That was my base.

So without knowing much of anything of actual java syntax, and definitely not know all of it's intricacies and little habbits, I picked up Enthuware mock exams: JA+ V7 For OCA-JP-I SE7 (the kindle edition) for $9.99

It was the best $9 i have spent.

I took 5 out of the 6 exams, and then went over all the ones I got wrong about 10 times.

I spent about 6 days really preparing for the exam and received a 96%.

That book is seriously amazing.
5 years ago