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Recent posts by Animesh Nath

Roel De Nijs wrote:Congratulations

hi Roel , please can you help me on this I am unable to register my name on Wall of fame site by clicking on the link "Edit". The link prompts again for login and when placed login/password for more than one times(even if correct login details are given). Please help
6 years ago
I am here to express my views and experiences on the completion of OCAJP 7 which I have cleared with 91 % , as has been declared by many ranchers , hence it is a good place to do so, where millions of ranchers sought nominal help and advise on clearing certifications and the rightful path to acheve so, as it was the case for me. Right after the exam I am feeling like relaxing in heaven as I have not only gained the certification but too, gained some more experience and some more knowledge in life with hard work in a smarter way!!!. I really feel a boost of technical knowledge(Java Basics) and also the power to reasoning.

First of all let me express myself, I am actually a DB2 PL/SQL developer and to accomplish my role I am used to create and alter stored procedures and dont have any Java experience but I would like to have the same. So to achieve my aspirations I would go along the derived path, so This is the first step of my career path, . As after following many of the posts I also selected a Java Basics book, a Certification guide and the enthuware mock exams for self evaluation.

The OCA guide by Mala Gupta helped me a lot in building strong concepts in Java Basics.It is a good book which I would like to recommend to all the ranchers who want to qualify OCAJP7. I had gained a great faith in Mal guptas book after reading and getting all the concepts clear. I am waiting for the next levels' OCPJP's book to published by her as soon as possible, so that I can start preparing with it. Thanks Mala Gupta for this and I like her way of mentioning points in the guide and also too the universal point she used to mention was that "... to understand why so and so concept works .. In this way you would be able to remember ... for a longer time..".

The Enthuware mock tests very powerful as I received 74%,76%,80%,74%,78% but I received 83% in Mala Guptas Mock Test. so I feel that theres a good amount of questions in the enthuware mock tests which had a greater level of understanding and competetion than the original exam itself. Although following many posts I learned that the enthuware exams are a bit of tough than the real exam , then also I felt a bit of nervous as I wanted to learn 100 % of pure Basic Jva. The exam prepared me to such an extent that I had learnt the nook and corner of standard Java. The Test Studio is itself organised in a greater way. The links given in the URL section gave a lot of help to me. Thanks to enthuware team for your hardwork due to which I succeeded But I want to add a point to this that some of the questions in the exam seemed to have concepts directly from JLS. which is actually a great step to learn for all the ranchers.

I followed JLS as suggested by enthuware tm , which i s actually a great resource in which you can gain good grasp "..why so and so concepts work"... many corner pitfalls to be avoided.

Thanks Enthuware team lastly and I want to add here a point for all the ranchers that read every question carefully and doing so , We would have a good attitude toward solving problems not only in certification but too in life ...Thats why these cert is written for ... developing good matured candidates enhancing their technical knowledge and problem solving temperament.

Please follow all the posts in depth ...before qualifying for the certification so that you can a detail of what they want to express for the exam and doing so it would be a great help.

Now relaxing for somedays and too busy at work
6 years ago

David Borchgrevink wrote:I know I'm still a beginner. I've only been programming (and only in Java) since the beginning of February. But my OCA Exam is scheduled for tomorrow, and I feel I'm ready. As of this morning I've now passed 11 mock exams in a row (Ucertify, Enthuware, Mala Gupta Wish me luck!

Hey David , I hope you will pass the certification . Don't get too nervous before the exam and I am too preparing fo the exam and I feel that the resources you are following are sufficient to develop concepts.

I am following:
-Mala Gupta's book
-Enthuware Mock Question Bank

Please share with everyone the score ASAP.


koduri krishna wrote:I like to share my thoughts in this this thread about clearing OCAJP

Hey , Congratulations first of all to you

and thanks for sharing such a valuable and useful information which can be very benficial for ranchers seeking crtification

Ulf Dittmer wrote:

class was not found

Is that class in the classpath?

I understand it is silly

CAn anyone tell me whats a classpath ?
6 years ago

Paul Anilprem wrote:Congratulations! Glad to know that our s/w was helpful in your preparation

Whats the cost of the bundle
6 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:

Animesh Nath wrote:Actually I need enthuware mock tests for preparing for OCAJP7 please help

That seems to be available from the Enthuware web site. What difficulties did you encounter obtaining it there?

Got it right there but inquiring about any other material to be referred for preparation

Hey congrats to all of them for being certified with a high score.

Actually I need enthuware mock tests for preparing for OCAJP7 please help I am in dire need of it !!!

Congrats for passing!!!

Please can you clarify that can I really prepare with scjp 6 book for OCJP7-1(1Z0-803).

Are the syllabus same for both of the exams.
6 years ago