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Recent posts by RabiDas Sharma

hi everyone,
I 'm using eclipse iDE for dynamic web projects.I want to add ext js framework library to webContent folder but if
i add ext js framework which is 100mb framework then build project gets hanged...I tried increasing the permsize
from 256mb to 512mb and also i hav increased size in config file to -Xms712m
-Xmx828m.but still building project stops becoz f dat feamework...I'm using eclipse kepler 64bit..
please help me out in sorting this problem'

thanks in advance
Hi everyone
I want to stop he default event in javascript.I googled and found out how to stop
default event and define own user defined event.But my code isnt working.
I want to stop cick event action of <a> and onclick of hiperlink I want to change background of body.
could you folks check my code and rectify it.Its not even going to my overriding function for click event.

thanks in advance
thanks jeanne for your reply.
But I dunno how to resize current window.

The above code can resize another window not current window.
please tell me how to resize current window.

and also please tell me how to restore current window which is in fullscreen.

thanks in advance
with regards
Hi everyone,
can anyone tell how to minimize browser on a button click.?
Our product runs in a fullscreen mode so minimize button is required that can minimize current browser window.
Now we are having a taskbar in browser itself where a button is created on minimize button click. But I need to minimize the
entire current browser.
please assist me.please tell the algorithm to do it.

thanks in advance
with regards
Hi everyone
I'm trying to create a prototype(Arrow shape) and it should have onmouseover listener to show something
for example i want to show a alert. Here i'm implementing the code for prototype inside a function of a class for using
this function of class later on.
Here i'm using sprite to draw a prototype.
But mouseover listener isn't coming,only the prototype is coming as output but mouseover isn't working.

please find the mistake and let me know
sorry i reffered to its Ext Js in action book.

I want to learn extended javascript.
please suggest me some good books.
Hi eveyone,
I have scored 90% in ocpjp.
I also have knowledge in javascipt,jsp,servlet tomcat,
currently i need to learn external javascript.

Extended javascript in action is nice book but seems little tough for beginners.
could anyone please suggest some basic external javascript book
please tell soon

thanks in advance
with regards
Hi everyone,
why is it necessary to have default constructor in bean classes if i'm using Expression language or jsp standard tags.??

In my sevlet I'm calling parameterised constructor and if i don't use expression language then jsp page is working fine.
If I use directive like<@ page import="model.User"> And
If I retrieve User object from request using scriplet<%User user=request.getAttribute("user");%>
then it works fine.

If i use EL/jsp standard tag then If i don't use default constructor in m bean class even though i'm not invoking it
then i'm getting The value for the useBean class attribute "..." is invalid.


thanks in advance
6 years ago
Hi everyone,
Please correct me if i'm wrong.

whenevr a request for servlet comes the request is sent from web server(Apache)
to servlet engine and then it checks the deployment descriptor for configuration
information and instantiates a particular servlet accordingly and then it invokes service method
ans as per http request doGet() or doPost() is invoked.

If multiple request comes at a time, a thread is created to serve each request.
Does it instantiate servlet only once for all requests or for each request a servlet is instantiated??

I think servlet is instantiated only once when 1st request comes and then for all further requests
a new thread is started in service method....

please check and rectify the above quote.

please tell me sequence of event dat take place when multiple request comes at a time from thread point of view.

thanks in advance
6 years ago
Hi everyone,
I'm using session.setMaxInactiveInterval(20) in order to set session time.

I'm using this in any of the jsp page or servlet of my web app to set session time and it is
working fine i.e, session is getting expired in other web pages also after 20sec

please tell me which is the appropriate place for session.setMaxInactiveInterval(20) if i'm
having 3-4 servlets and 6-7 jsps.

I guess 1sp jsp page requested(home page) should have this statement??
please correct me..

And also please tell me If I don't use filter for this purpose what will be the problem?

thanks in advance
6 years ago
Hi Everyone,
I have a doubt regarding session tracking.

If I'm doing session tracking using <session-config> element in web.xml
then even if I restart the server and request again then also cookies of eclipse browser content are
still available as a result of which the session is considered to be old session until session gets timed out.

please check for the correctness of below line:

so I think cookies are not getting cleared even if i restart the server.

How to access cookies of eclipse browser?
Hi everyone
I don't have any implementation requirement for this but out of curiosity
I just want to know why the html code rendered by Servlet is not coming and
blank web page is coming??

My servlet code:

If I don't do /* url mapping i'm getting normal output.Everything
works fine.


//works fine

But If i do /* url mapping then blank web page is coming for all requests
where as html code rendered by Servlet is expected.
why this anomally happens please tell me......


//results in blank web page for all requests
please tell me

thanks in advance
6 years ago
Hi everyone
why is it not advisable to make user defined exceptions inherited from RuntimeException?
why we inherit from Exception to make user defined exception.

why user defined exceptions are always checked???

thanks in advance
6 years ago