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Recent posts by Michael Ku

I passed the exam using only HFSJ and coding what I leearned in HFSJ.
Gaurav, please check your private messages.
I think it is wrong for an Author to use this forum to push his own book
There is a listener (I thoink it is SessionActivationListener) that will help do this.
14 years ago
A Google search will probably yield some results as well...
have you checked the book's Eratta?

What happened when you tried to execute the code yourself?

the blackboard vs the keyboard :-)
What happened when you tried to execute the code yurself?
I am trying to use Jbuilder find/replace facility with RegEx.

The find part works great. Using RegEx, the find is working. Whenn I try to replace using a RegEx String, the replace does not occur. The IDE wil say it executed the replace, but the code never changes.

find - (LogHelper.+?(?=[)]))
replace - $1,logger

Anyone have any ideas? Has anyone successfully used find/replace with RegEx in the IDE?
I think that you are looking for "DoItFOrMeRanch" not JavaRanch
14 years ago
Yes, packageless classes (default package) will cause you problems.
Don't use them... :-)
Have you tried to add a .do at the end (search.do)?
14 years ago
Put your class into a package other than the default one. Don't override service. Override the doGet and/or doPost methods. Map the Servlet to the new package location.
You can use the JSTL 'empty' operator to see if the collection is empty
FYI - it is considered a bad practice to store a password anywhere including a DB. You hash the password and store this hash somewhere (say a DB). Then you match up to this hash value when the user enters a password by using the same hashing algorithm. This is why in some applications, when you ask for a lost password, you instead get a new password instead of the old one, because it does not exist anywhere.
14 years ago