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Could someone tell on a high level what are the kind of questions that are asked on the Theme Policy. Or please provide urls for materials on this topic.

Thanks and Regards,
Hi All,

I have a selectonemenu in my jsf page and i need to navigate to different pages based on the value selected in the selectonemenu.

I tried two approaches:

1. First approach is to have a hidden button and then invoking the action of the button when the selectonemenu is clicked. This gives me 'hX_5 is undefined' javascript error, even though the hxclient_v3_0.js is included in the page. Below is the code snippet for the same.

<h:selectOneMenu id="menCategory" styleClass="selectOneMenu" value="#{pc_AdvancedDeal.menuCategory}">

<hx:behavior event="onchange" target="menCategory" behaviorAction="click" targetAction="buttonNav"></hx:behavior>


<hx:commandExButton style="display:none" type="submit" value="Submit" id="buttonNav" styleClass="commandExButton" action="#{pc_AdvancedDeal.doButtonNavAction}"></hx:commandExButton>

2. Second approach is to navigate to the required page using response.sendRedirect in the valueChangeListener for the selectonemenu.
With this approach, the control comes back to the initial page and no navigation happens.

Please help. This is very urgent.

Thanks and Regards,
12 years ago
How are you defending/explaining the navigation concepts of AJAX in your book?

If users create a bookmark in their browser, they may not get the same view back when they follow the bookmark at some later point in time. We all know that navigation does not work properly with ajax, since the unit of navigation is different from the unit of view.

Can you please comment?
I'm planning to take the exam in the near future. I've been watching this topic and got interested to know what are the expectations of the interviewers. Please send me ur questions to
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14 years ago
yes, it is org.apache.struts.taglib.html.TextTag
15 years ago

I have the following scenario.
I have a tag for a specific purpose. The dostartTag() in the Taghandler outputs a Text,Image and some javascript functions. This TagHandler extends
TextTag for getting the textbox.

In some other part of the application i need the same output but i do not want to use the existing tag due to some issues.

Here is what i need:
I have written a class to output the required details. But basically i want to just call the doStartTag() of my existing taghandler so that i can reuse the code. When i do this,
i get the following exception
javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Cannot find bean EMPLOYEE in any scope
- Here EMPLOYEE is the name of the textbox and i am setting this value using the setName().

Can anyone help?
15 years ago
Regarding the portability with datasources, my application requires data to be written from the database to flat files and vice versa. Can this be acheived by both Hibernate and JDO?
Thanks for all the replies.

Basically I have the following requirements in my application.
1. Object persistence
2. Performance
3. Database Independence

Can I know how Hibernate/JDO caters to each of these requirements?

Hi Theodore,

Thanks for your reply.
There are high chances of using JDO in our project. So would like to know more about JDO.
Moreover i learnt that JDO is a standard and it is portable while Hibernate is not.
What are the features available in Hibernate that is not available in JDO or vice versa.
Is it that developers started using Hibernate that they do not want to switch to JDO.


I'm new to O/R Mappers. I would like to know more about JDO, Hibernate, Castor. Which is the best option? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these. How each of these differ from each other? What are the other alternatives?


Numeric literals that include a comma, for example,
int x = 25,343; // Decimal
int y = 0x1,1; // Octal

The above lines doesn't compile because of the comma.

int x = 0xa,b // Octal

doesnot give a compile time error. Why?
No i haven't set any value
This is how it looks
<html:text property="vcoord" maxlength="5" size="6"/>
16 years ago
I have an integer form field. In my ActionForm I extend the ValidatorForm and i'm trying to Validate that field.
My validation.xml for that integer field looks like this
<field property="vcoord"
<arg0 key="vcoord"/>
When i enter my jsp page, this field is automatically set to 0.
Even when i remove the 0 and perform the operation , validation doesn't happen. Instead the field is set back to 0.
The same problem occurs when i try to enter a string to the integer field and validate it. doesn't validate telling that it is not an integer instead the value is set back to 0.
Can anybody help??
Thanks in advance.
16 years ago
I need to develop an application using the Oracle Portal Development Kit (PDK) with Oracle9iAS. How do i use struts here?
16 years ago