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Fixed it!

The first templates needs to work with #parse instead of #include as #include just puts out text and does not recognize any other statements
Hi there,

i've got the following Folder Structure

in template1.vm i got this code


which works nicely

in template3.vm i got the following code


wich does not work at all in template1

So i've got the situation that the second include in template3 does not work when template3 ist included in template1, hope you all understand what i'm trying to say.

Does anyone have an idea of what the problem could be? Or is this a velocity limiation

EDIT: I think i need to clarify

what happens is that template1 gets used in this template we have included template3 the conents of template 3 are displayed correctly
BUT as mentioned in template3 is template4 included

template1's output looks now the following

content of template 3

So the include statement in template3 gets not "included" it only outputs the include statement as statet in the file