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Recent posts by Ramy Nady

Hello Frits ,

Is there any plans for Enthware mocks to this exam ?
Thanks Ankit for your response.

But I am not the one who needs this information. It is a different application with a different vendor (owner). That is why they can't access our back end even I persist it.
7 years ago
Hello All ,

I am working on banking application. There is a situation when we are redirecting to a different application installed on a different server. We are using sendRedirect to configurable URL.
Now there is a requirements to send this different application the session information while redirecting.

I understand that there is a new request / response send from the browser while redirecting to a different URL. So there is a new session and all the existing session info is lost.

What is the solution to implement this feature - may be without sendRedirect ?
7 years ago
Hello All ,

Today I just passed my exam 1Z0-810 to upgrade to Java 8 after three months from preparation.

Below my feedback:

** About exam.

The exam is quite tough , total of 81 questions takes all the supposed time 2 hours - 30 minutes.
I hardly was able to review only the marked questions !

** Study Plan:

1- Java 8 only video course from Jpassion www.jpassion.com/  - Very thanks to Sang shin

2- Mikalai notes http://java.boot.by/ocpjp8-upgrade-guide/
It is very organized and covering almost all exam topics
I read it three times.

3- EnthuWare mock exam.
The tool is a life saver as usual , I couldn't pass the exam without it.
That is the fifth time I purchasing this tool , Although it has many errors this time but when I asked for refund the guys didn't mind.

Thanks Paul for your answers on EnthuWare forums

I tried to read Java 8 in Action but I didn't like it.

7 years ago
Hello All ,

Any one explain why limit function on Stream interface considered as stateful intermediate operation ?

I can understand why distinct or sorted be stateful but I think limit() should be stateless intermediate operation.

Thanks in advance.
7 years ago

Paul Anilprem wrote:You may want to check out ours at Enthuware.com


Thanks Paul.
I really was waiting you enthuware to prepare this exam long time ago - I submitted this post one month before.
I even asked Frits and he informed there is no planning for 1Z0-810 yet.

From when those mocks was ready for users ?
Hello Ganesan ,

Really am planning to take 1Z0-810 exam and I am interested by your exams to purchase it.
I have tried the below links you mentioned below but it doesn't work (It gives no exams found for this study plan)

Kindly help how to take the free trial exam before purchasing.
I am planning to upgrade to Java 8 using 1Z0-810 exam.

I need mock exam before taking the real test , any one tried myexamcloud ?
Is it good for passing the exam ?

Kindly share your feedback

Thanks in advance.
Hello ,


I am planning also to upgrade to java 8 and take this exam.

What do you think about myexamcloud ? Is it enough mock exams for the real test ?

Is there any other books you have read at your preparation ?

Thanks in advance
8 years ago

Tim Holloway wrote:MW? When I Google that I get a local construction company.

I mean middle ware check link http://www.acronymfinder.com/Middleware-(MW).html

We don't have control over other back end teams to asking doing such caching , for that we are seeking to do this from our application side.

8 years ago

Tim Holloway wrote:From the sound of it, the easiest way to "cache" this information would be in the database itself.

Unfortunately this is a MW service called from our application through WAS MQ.
I.e our application doesn't have access to DB directly - we access it though MW - which is indeed access the related back end system.
8 years ago
Hello All ,

We are using spring at our web application and there is a situation where I need caching.

There is a function working with billing system and take very long time until retrieving all the bills info , I need to call this service once per server starting and later at any user session I can use the response for this function without calling it again.


1 - Server start up at 11 Jan 2016 , List<bills> bills = longTimeService(); // actual connecting to back end.
2- User login at 15 Jan 2016 , retrieve the cached bills //without calling longTimeService(); again.

So how to save this bills list so it can be cached ?
8 years ago
Hello ,

Can you explain why?

Why does it matter how many decimal places are in the return value?

Since the jasper report already designed to have a double value field - will map with the same double value I need to return from my function.
The bug raised from our client to format this value with two decimal point formatting.

I was trying to keep the report as it is and change only in java code - Which I forced not to do and I have changed in the report jrxml itself finally !!

The Jasper report is a display.

I mean I don't want just to display using printf as Winston mentioned.

but wouldn't a solution be to change the report to display the number with the format required?

That what I did really - that required change in the report design itself.
8 years ago

Winston Gutkowski wrote:
If you want to display a double rounded to two decimal points, then use:


Please note that I don't want to display the value as I already indicated at my post.
I want to keep the double with two decimal points when returning from the function - which is impossible as everyone clarified.
8 years ago
I had to redesign the function to return string instead of double - as I can't reformat the double to have two decimal places.
That required me to change at jasper report to receive string instead of double - that it the step I was trying to avoid because expected integration issues with the client after deploying new jasper and jrxml files.

But unfortunately I had to do this step to avoid this double decimal Formatting limitations.

Thanks All.
8 years ago