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Recent posts by Elizaba Thomas

I wrote the exam (OCMJEA 6 production) but didnt manage to pass(70% only) ... The simulator from ePractize labs is a good one ... I got so many questions from this for the exam... The key is to practicing on a lot of questions as the exam gives a lot of scenario based questions ... There are a couple of them online but most of them answer the questions wrongly .... I cudnt find any more genuine ones ... Still on the search ...

Am planning to take a retry this month end ...

If anyone gets any good questions , i would be grateful if you would share it

Best Regards
Thanks Mikalai

Do you know of any good practice exams which I could purchase?
Thanks for the prompt reply Mikalai ... I did the production one ...

Let me also add, There was one question regarding message level security ... It goes like this

Q- Which two statements are true about security strategies at the message level?
A. Messages are secured during transport and after arrival at their destination
B. Each portion of a compound message is secured.
C. SSL is required to ensure authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality.
D. Message attachments are secured without the need for a dedicated API.
E. Security is dependent on the application environment or the transport protocol.

I got the question from one of the mock exams i found online (after I attempted the exam ! ) They have answered C,E (I know for sure E is not an answer !! )

I answered, A and C - And I am pretty much sure the answer is correct

My exam results details that I had answered the one of message level security wrongly !!!

I realize most of the exams published online give wrong answers!

I am wondering if Oracle accepts re-evaluation !

Hi all,
I am new to this forum... I attempted the OCMJEA 6 exam recently but didnt manage to pass . Scored only 70% . Required was 71%. Missed by 1%.

I would like to know if there are any good exam practice simulators ... I bought the one from ePractize labs. And obviously that didnt suffice.

I believe practicing more questions is better than reading endlessly ... Can anyone guide me on this?