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since Jan 30, 2000
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Recent posts by Tony Alicea

I would (and in fact I did) go for the Web Component Dev after the SCJP2, many years ago. Gives you wider variety of Java skills.
Sorry, wrong Forum :-) I noticed that the Bates and Sierra book is the answer. Thanks Jane B.
Uno, Dos, Tres, testing... ;)
9 years ago
..and I was right :-)

"Never mind..."
Has anyone been successful in incorporating WebSphere 8.5.5 into Juno? Bottom line is I can't find the installation DIR for WS to create a new Runtime. The name "WebSphere Application Server v8.5" appears in the drop down but since I have to look for the installation DIR, I can't complete the operation.

I downloaded the ZIP from

Something tells me that I have the Server Dev Tools but not the Server itself...?

Thanks for any help...


I can't believe that this happened 13 years ago exactly!
10 years ago
You know when... when you can post a JPG of your first job in 1975, accompanied by the job offer letter as exemplified by these two links:

Notice the "State of the Art" equipment (of 1975 that is)...
11 years ago
My sentiments exactly, for 12 years now

Nothing has changed in that respect.

Welcome, Rishi.

11 years ago
Yes! "Are You Kiddin Me?"

Think about it in a Cosmic perspective: Armstrong was the first human to literally step out of Earth onto another celestial body.

It's going to be a long time before we step on a different one...

(I am watching streaming from Amazon [free with Prime membership] "Start Trek Enterprise". It's the first high definition Star Trek TV show and it takes place in time before the original Star Trek, and it portrays the very first attempt of humankind at deep space exploration. The Vulcans have been with us for 90 years or so, helping or supervising us, depending on who you ask...)
11 years ago
I just want to take this time and thank Paul and the staff of 2000 for helping me not only get a 98% score in the SCPJ certification test on Valentines Day 2000 but in staying at the same job for 10 years now!

How Time Flies!
13 years ago
Happy B'Day To Us All!

In 4 days it's going to be 10 years of membership for me!
13 years ago
2012. The last year of life on Earth. (Yeah, sure!)
13 years ago
How much do you weigh in what celestial body? (And I am not talking about my young, single, female neighbor either...)

On Earth? I prefer my Moon weight
13 years ago