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Anton Sotnikov

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Recent posts by Anton Sotnikov

Well hello JavaRanch forum!
There are two entities with relation @ManyToOne and @OneToMany (Categories and Products). When I enabeling (cascade=CascadeType.ALL) one record in Products pulls for deleting one Category, and that is BAD. What must be do for this entities that result is only deleting occurs in one place(Table) without cascade(related) delete for another reference??? I am using Spring 5.1.5 (not Spring Boot)
Thank you!    

1 month ago
Hello everyone!
This issue is and I don't have a good result.
I did:
1. new Dymamic Web project.
2. Convert to Maven progect
3. import - existing project into workspace
4. Into console >mvn -f c\path_to_file\pom.xml compile

Which is the right way in this case?
3 years ago

Conditions are part of the Lock interface and they are very useful, but the ReentrantLock is more than just a mechanism to use Conditions.

What yet more for your opinion?

and how is this better than wait()/notify()?

Maybe as alternative way

And did you answer the "why" part of the question?

cos this code give instruction execute a method in particular thread.
My answers were:
1. Java Machine.
2. ReentrantLock have a relation with condition object like that and if first thread execute oneMethod and second thread twoMethod between them must be consistency. And throught the cond.await(); and cond.signal(); occure communication in sample if one thread must have a pause before second thread works.
Hello everyone!
I am not good of the answering for the question by java programmer position and cos i post some questions here.
1. Who is responsable by execution of threads java machine or operation system. and why?
2. Which is the main purpose of ReentrantLock?
Thank you for reply!!
Yes, thank youDavid for your reply, but i decided a problem only when i run ADV for more last version mac os 10.9.3 and it normaly executed.
indeed my lion 10.7.5 is not working equipment. Please didn't repeat my mistake - work only lastest version of software and save your time.

3 years ago
i do:
adb kill-server/start-server

and changes is nothing.

3 years ago
Hello everyone!
I am using Eclipse Mars with Android SDK but for my unfortunately i can't start or load device.
I do:

Red mark talking that: An Android Virtual Device that failed to load. Click 'Details' to see the error.

But i didn't see additional information into details form and into console.

Who did have same problem?

What's wrong ?

Thank you!

3 years ago
That is it what i did:
1. Maximize JFrame -

Proportions of Leftpane

i deleted RightPane and add yet one JSplitePane with UpForm and DownForm:

4. MigLayout - is not bad and is more usefull than GridBagLayout.
3 years ago

I think you have misspelt something

In my English or in java code?
3 years ago

- I'd be use BorderLayout for JPanel added to JFrames CENTER area, or to use fill for GBC correctly

- in all cases to override getPreferredSize insted of setPrederredSize

like that???

- override getPreferredSize for JScrollPane with JTree too,

for this principle???

- wrap possition for JSplitPane divider into invokeLater

excuse me maybe i didn't understand but i don't find this metod in this link

- use JFrame.pack insted of setSize(800, 800); otherwise any PreferredSize will be schinked to Contents Panes Dimension (is smaler than JFrame.setSize(800, 800);)

What does it mean schinked?
3 years ago