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Initialization parameters can only be accessed if the servlets are accessed through their registered names or custom URLs...
That might be the reason!
"pushBody()" pushes the current "out" object available to the JSP page on the stack and returns the "bodyContent" object that is eventaully passed on to the tag handler by invoking the "setBodyContent()" method.
bodyContent actually extends JspWriter and it simply provides a kind of play area for the BodyTag implementing handlers, where the body content can be manipulated without actually affecting the JspWRiter of the enclosing JSP page.
The actual content of the bodyContent can be obtained as a String using "getString()" method or as a Reader using the "getReader()" method or it can be written to a writer using "writeOut(Writer w)" method. To write to the client's response thr writeOut method has the enclosing JspWriter object which is obtained by calling the "getEnclosingWriter()" method.
I hope this helps you...
I took the exam 3 days back...got 86%.
I didn't have a single question with the options "None of the Above" or "All of the above"
I feel these are soem of the topics that are different and I found that there were quite a few questions regarding these in the exam.
1)Servlet and JSP API
2)Custom Tags in JSP
3)Concept of HttpSession and ServletContext Listeners
4)Security and Design Patterns
Also read other common J2EE Design Patterns as well..don't limit urself to just the ones mentioned in the objectives.
Thanks for the info. It would be very useful indeed.
18 years ago
I just passed my SWCD with a score of 86%. Now I plan to take the Weblogic Certification. Can someone guide me how to go around preparing for it....the study material, available mock and sample exams on the net and an idea of the type of questions asked.
18 years ago