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Recent posts by Ostap Bender

I'm looking for the list of resources (online and/or books) on the exam.
In this and other forums I see the information scattered here and there but nothing like a list of materials in one place.
I'd really appreciate if somebody would put together (and post here) list of resources that are most helpful in the preparing and passing this exam.
No links to the general references please
I have an interesting problem. I've tried to load and show large HTML file (200K) using JEditorPane and found that it takes up to 40sec to display whole thing. An IE loads and displays this file instantly. Even taking in account that IE is native app. I can't believe that Swing might be 40 times slower...
Any comments, ideas?
18 years ago
I'm wondering if there are many such answers in a real exams.
You know what I mean.
You have 4 options and 5th says "None of above" or "All of above" and an actual valid answer is that 5th.

Originally posted by Dalia Rojas:
I also recommend JCHQ. I think that of all the mock exams I took to pass the test, these were closest to the actual test.

This is for SCJP, which I already passed last year thank you anyway

Originally posted by Madhav Lakkapragada:
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thanks for your cooperation.
- madhav

Thanks, done
The question is exactly that...
How good are those mock exams that is available on the net (including a commerce versions)? Can someone give me an overview? Rate them? What score in a mock exam should be considered to be enough to go for the real test?
Thank you.