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Hi Joel!


Thank you very much for your response, I am hoping this book we'll be able to help me build my java ee skills.

I really hope to win this book, this will be of great help to improve my java ee skills.
5 years ago
Hi Murach!

Can you please answer my inquiries below, thanks!

1. What's is the difference between the 2nd edition and the 3rd edition?
2. I am looking forward to become a java ee developer, is this book a good start for met to learn ee development? and will this book help me build my foundation so that I can become a ee developer?
3. I've checked your website recently but it seems that you don't yet have a epub format, will you be releasing soon digitized edition of you book?
(This will be great so that I can study on my tablet).

5 years ago
Hi Rihan!
Yup, I am currently working as a java developer in which my projects are based on java ee(xml,soap,webservices,struts,spring,etc.).
That's why I want to have a solid grasp of servlets and jsp before diving into java ee.
You have good point here.

Certifications dont teach you to write code they teach you to memorize code

Thanks for your useful remark, I will also check on that website you shared.
5 years ago
Hi Rancheros!

Thank you very much for your great responses.
I am now decided to stick with HFSJ 2nd edition, to strengthen my core servlets and jsp skills even though it's only java 1.5 (still relevant based on kevin).
After finishing it, I will get back to this forum to check what to study next so I can call my self a real java ee developer.

5 years ago
Hi Keviin! Yes I already have experience with core java and a ocajp7 passer. I need to learn java ee so I can find better job opportunities because
most java developer positions require experience with java ee particularly struts,spring,ejb,xml,webservices,soap,json, and rest.

Thanks for your tips!
Do you think headfirst servlets and jsp 2nd edition is still ok even if it's still based on java 1.5?
How about murachs servlets and jsp 2nd edition book? Is that ok?
5 years ago
Hi Ranchers!
Do you know any good book to learn servlet and jsp?
What is the best way to learn java ee?
Can you give me any tips for becoming a java ee developer?

Thanks in advance!
5 years ago
Don't feel bad with the result, you PASSED!
That's a great accomplishment.
5 years ago
Done adding my name to the OcajpWallOfFame.

Thanks again for your help and granting me a cow!
5 years ago
Whew... after a very very tiring day.
I am glad that I passed the OCAJP7 exam, and kudos to this very active java community
for sharing their wonderful experiences, tips and resources.

Here's a recap of my certification preparation:

I've started my study more than two months ago, I think last week of february 2014. I did a thorough research on the web and found this great java forum where I discovered many helpful resources.
from that, I chose:
* OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Certification Guide: Prepare for the 1ZO-803 exam by Mala Gupta
* SCJP6 by K&B

Mock Exams:
* Enthuware OCAJP7 Practice Tests
* Whizlabs OCAJP7 Practice Tests

I read mala's book cover to cover, and after reviewing it I took the mock test scoring 80%. Then, from time to time I read the thread posts here at java ranch and also posted a number of questions here.
I tried enthuware's mock exams but after answering a few questions, then I said to myself this is enough. It's quite harder than the mock test in mala's book. So I began to try to review SCJP6 by K&B and carefully
read chapters 1-6,10. After that I reread again mala's book together with some coding practice to familiarize myself on what might that code snippet result/what might happen if I do that...
After coding and reading and analyzing stuffs, I retried enthuware's mock exam and passed all of it. I think I scored higher here because my mind was still fresh from reviewing and it's of high quality.

Even though I've done the mock exams from enthuware I was still not satisfied, I want to make sure that I am 100% ready so I decided to try whizlabs based on some users feedback here.
What I could say is that enthuware is of high quality compared to whizlabs and should be priced higher than it but you can get that for only 10$. That's good for those preparing for the exam. Whizlabs is
good, but not good enough. They haven't been proofread carefully because I noticed mistakes on grammar, spelling, some case letters of code snippets (like upper case Public), etc. Enthuware has the hardest mock exams while whizlabs is a bit easier. I took my whizlab's last day test yesterday scoring 86%. And to my suprise, I got almost the same score with my real exam scoring 85%. Though, I was disappointed I missed my objective to score at least 90 or more.

Now, the wrong things I that happened before and during the exam day:
* I booked my exam just after 3 business days left. I wasn't sure if I will go to the testing center yesterday because I haven't received any confirmation email. Just a last minute look at my email before I went to sleep that I discovered my confirmation email. So I crammed and prepared the things I need for the exam.
* I wasn't able to sleep early.
* During registration at PearsonVue website, this was very unfortunate for me because I encountered an error that not only affected me but also some of the test takers. So I needed to contact each of pearsonvue support for almost an hour because not all numbers seem to work from oracle's phone. This was really exhausting, and I really thought I wouldn't be able to take the exam.
* It's already lunch time and I'm just at the beginning of the exam. Haven't taken my lunch before exam.

I'm not blaiming any of these factors for my score, but I hope that others won't get this bad experience.

Whew, this was really a tiring day for me...
Still, at least I reached my goal.
I'm satisfied now.
Hopefully, OCPJP7 will be my next target. Thank you!
5 years ago
After more than two months of preparation using OCAJP7 Study Guide by Mala Gupta and SCJP6 by K&B,
I am now ready to take the challenge hopefully by tomorrow if I receive my confirmation email.
Any last piece of advice for me is very much welcome.

Btw, here's the result of my two mock exams:

Mock Test from Mala Gupta's Book: 80%

Test 1: 89%
Test 2: 88%
Test 3: 90%
Test 4: 86%
Test 5: 76%
Last Day Test: 79%

Diagnostic Test: 79%
Practice Test1: 88%
Practice Test2: 82%
Practice Test 3: 71%
Last Day Practice Test: 86%
Regarding the computation of whizlabs exam, I chatted with a representative of whizlabs yesterday and
he told me to report it to their technical team to check if it is a bug.

Again, I proceeded with their Practice test 1 and found out that their giving points for partially correct answers (e.g. choose 2, and only 1 answer is right)
My score for Practice Test 1 was 90% (81/90) but my real number of mistake was 11 which should be 87% without including partially correct answers.

Btw, this is just my feedback and I will report this to their support.
Thanks for the clarification roel.

Maybe whizlabs is not following that kind of computation.
Hi Rancheros!

I am just curious on how oracle computes the score on the real exam.
I noticed that enthuware and whizlabs compute scores differently.


whizlabs- 19 mistakes would result to a score of 62%,
#correct: 71
Total questions:90
enthuware - 19 mistakes would result to a grade 78%,
#Total questions: 90

and, how did whizlabs compute the score?