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Sanjeet Kathuria

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since Apr 28, 2014
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Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting, I cleared my OCAJP exam on 26th April with a score of 76% . I lost out on questions related to inheritance and encapsulation But I was glad to clear it as I was worried that after they reduced the marks to 65% and increased time limit, the paper would become tougher. My major resource was Mala Gupta's certification guide for OCAJP. It is a very well written material for OCAJP. I am yet to set a date for OCPJP, I am hoping to give it in two months, as I don't want to forget whatever I have learnt

3 years ago
I had an year's experience in Java, and I had gone through a couple of chapters of Kathy and Bert's "Head First Java" before I started studying for OCAJP. Probably that's why I found Mala Gupta's book so convenient
I used Mala Gupta's OCAJP book and found it to be very good. Thanks to her book, despite the time constraints and not practicing enough mock tests (just 4 ), I could clear the exam I was disappointed to know however, that her OCPJP hard copy is not available anytime soon in India (as in, within 2 months). Hence I decided to go with SG Ganesh and Tushar Sharma's book for Z-805 and Z-805. I prefer reading from hard copies and hence, I wasn't too sure about buying MEAP edition. But she is a good author, so I think her OCPJP book will be great