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Recent posts by koduri krishna

Congrats! Wang.

1) Wang, Can you please confirm author for the books you suggested.

Guys, I have couple of questions to ask.

2) Is it good to take web component developer exam prior to web services. I am asking this because a member from enthuware suggesting to consider WCD and/or EJB exams prior to web services.
3) Recently I am certified in OCPJP(1Z0-804), but I haven't developed any form of web services in my career. For people like me it is daunting because I never done serious work in EJB's or JPA, Hibernate or any other Java technologies we see in market apart from developing JSP , Servlets and JDBC (a little backend persistence). Not sure whether to take WCD exam or just study and practice but not taking exam. And all this is prior to taking Web Services exam.
I like to share my thoughts in this this thread about clearing OCAJP ( 1Z0- 803 : Java SE 7 programmer I ) on 28-April-2014. First I like to thank Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates for their wonderful contribution to java certification and efforts to develop a book that is too good for novice like me to understand the fundamentals of java programming. I have to admit that since I started using java for my project I was always not in the good team and no proper help coming from anybody in the team that I was working because they were either too busy with their task or most of them not so sure about fundamentals. Then I decided to do something about my programming skills so i decided to look for good book to understand Java Basics, when i found "Learn Core Java" by Mahesh Matta i thought I would be too good after reading that complete book but I am wrong. That book just made me to understand and feel java programming such as: how to write a class, method, variable declarations etc. But for anyone to be good programmer in java such basics are minuscule in java world and there is so much to know and understand in basics. I think by chance I got hold of Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 by Katy sierra and Bert bates year ago that was also the time I decided to take my certification because I felt I am too good after reading one book (Mahesh Matta) . After reading few pages from Katy and Bert I concluded myself I was wrong and I am not even close to an average java programmer so I decided to finish the complete book (around 800 plus pages) at-least twice, and at times I have to post my doubts on stackoverflow.com to understand a little deeper, luckily I used to receive response on same day and got all my doubts cleared, and finally I set target for myself to take certification not latter than Nov-2013. I was confident to take exam but then again I want to make sure that I am ready for the exam so then I decided to purchase enthuware mock exams and wizlabs mock exams since I do not want to give up money to Oracle for free I have taken all the exams from wizlabs site (5 exams) and 4 exams from enthuware site so that comes around 800 plus questions. I failed 3 exams in wizlabs and 3 in enthuware and by this time I lost my confidence and not sure whether I will ever complete my certification so I decided to see what people like me are saying or discussing in forms that was time I felt much confident because unlike most people I was achieving 60 plus and 70 plus percentage in the mock exams. I did not give up and I have gone through all the questions from top to bottom and understood why it was wrong, what is the mistake I have done and marked the subtleness on the most uncomfortable questions that I came across and decided to take exam (1Z0-803 Java SE 7) on 28-April-2014. Fortunate or Unfortunate I cant tell but I did ok'issh in the main exam by scoring 83% which is an average score for such a long journey. Guys, my experience says there is no easy cut to pass the exam and this is especially for the newbie's or amatuers who wants to pass the certifications . Each time I did a mock exam doesn't actually gives me a feeling like "this is it", it basically never ends always there is something new that I neither haven't heard nor used in the past.

Having said all my experience, one should not worry and feel bad about spending extra quality time on learning something new that gives you better edge than others especially in software engineering . In my main exam I have seen 60 % sounding with new theme, it doesn't mean it is a complete new topic, but yes they all sounded very similar but not the same to the ones (questions) I faced in the MOCK exams i.e. either from enthuware or wizlabs. May be i was too obsessed with subtleness and went on too deep to answer each question hence I lost some of the allotted time. I always thought and had it in my mind that time management is very important for these sort of exams but I got carried away with the challenge of the question. please do not under estimate time, sometimes it might kill your prospects of passing exam. If you think a question is too hard to figure out the solution then park it for last and continue with next question.

Finally, enthuware exams are too tough but it is worth doing them . At the same time I also recommend others to work on both wizlabs and enthuware mock exams. Each one of them has pros and cons; enthuware has to improve editor language because few (not many) questions I found incorrect word usage. And, wizlabs have to do something about toughness and their server, because at times you see it runs really slow when you start doing the mock exam , the display timmer never stops and it keeps running even when it is running slow (in other words it will show empty page with no question and this happened on 8MBPS internet line so, certainly it is not my issue). It is very important for everyone us to understand why the question went wrong after the exam and that could be MOCK exam or Main Exam.

Thanks Koduri