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Android Open BSD Slackware
Based in the Netherlands, I am Italian, this is not my real name, but similar.
Like Running, Bach, Plato, History, Football, Green tea, Statistics.

Android/Java/Python/Machine Learning
at the moment as an hobby
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nice book, have a lot of stuff regarding routing and redux and well written from the Amazon preview I peeked.
I found what I am looking for, there are sw solutions are called snippets organizers/managers  as Lepton, or GIT Gists
2 months ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:I see both of these styles online for specifying the GAV (group id/artifact id/version) coordinates in Gradle. Is one preferred? If so, why?


I suggest to drop a line here
2 months ago
I have an online mentor, if we work on a project he copy paste in less than one minute some good and tested code, full of nice comments.
I want to do the same, this would increase my productivity by 10000%, and plus I could stop to pay a lot of money to this mentor.

I do not know which forum I should refer, so I wrote here. My question are

1) WHat is the fastest way to organize your own snippets? I found bitbucket search that maintains them private, but maybe there is a better place
2) So far I have zero snippets( Android), what is the place where I could find high quality snippets? GIthub has a lot of bad code, the same for stackoverflow and codota

2 months ago
Thank you Tim and Sean for your feedback.

I see the differentiation between platform and language, and also the specific interests for the language.
Hope to see soon more activity. In theory Kotlin could become the new Java, but will depend in my opinion  by hybrid cross mobile platform scenario.
If ReactJS will win as native react, Kotlin will die, and Scala will become the new backend standard.
If instead Google will be able to effectively give cross platform with Kotlin(Flutter will not have any hope) then there will be more and more interest in Kotlin also as backend/front end platform, actually already exists a version that mimics Spring Boot.

On the other side we have to admit that 99.5% of the applications of Kotlin are today made for to the Android world. And although Kotlin is the standard de facto for Android development since the two years official announcement, in the android forum we have,  the snippets are only in Java because the Android forum is undoubtedly just for beginners questions. And this is a pity because you can find any kind of beginner Android questions in stack overflow, instead javaranch for the amazing service it does to the community could gather some really skilled talent and stimulate much more advanced Android questions, as architecture, testing, under the hood libraries, SDK discussions. Anyway great community here, is always a pleasure to write and also trying to help.

2 months ago
to unify this forum with Android.
At the moment nobody do cross platform mobile, nor web dev/backend with kotlin, in future maybe, but seen the lack of participation( only my questions) would be better to put it in the Android forum imo.
Same moderator, and the Android forum would become a bit more advanced
2 months ago

Giovanni Montano wrote:

you need to read this this, is simply the best reference you can use to understand.
Use the debug function and learn yourself at which line it starts. I give you a huge hint ScholTimetable is null

Also you do not want to use all this if else, use the switch case construct of even better google Butter Knife that is the library that is best practice to use in real life situations to make code readable, perfect for buttons. Also I suggest to study a bit of the new Android google Architecture so that you can use a viewmodel to leave the View testable putting out all the business logic
2 months ago

you need to read this this, is simply the best reference you can use to understand.
Use the debug function and learn yourself at which lne it starts. I give you an hint ScholTimetable is null
2 months ago
Is a mystery.
I never understood why people like wearing clothes. And I work for a fashion company.
For my girl? A mystery. Unfathomable.
You buy dresses to fill a need of her. Understanding the underlying need is the key.
I can tell you how I resolved. I have an eink ereader, and a phone with a lot of beautiful podcasts with anti noise headphones. When I go in the shopping areas, she goes inside and I enjoy listening music/podcasts, some snippet of code, or I start to read from my eink reader. What a blissful state

When she buy I have always a genuine "nice"  that is not a fake reply but the fact that although I would personally wear a pijama, I like the colors, so for me every clothing is just "nice".

I generally (unconsciously i guess) I find a girl with a beautiful body wearing a sexy outfit really attractive much more than in dresses that do not emphasize the girls body  but does not matter the color, the shape of the dress but the substance that is beyond the dress, at the same way I do not like make up on the faces.  Wearing for me is a mystery, is a kind of psychological extension, a self estimate espresso coffee.  You can have a beautiful dress but does not add nothing to the sympathy, intelligence, character, nice imperfections that girls or men can have.
3 months ago

WOW, welcome the author of "the book"!
Never found a great dev that did not reccomended me Effective Java
4 months ago

Jan de Boer wrote:Giovanni you sound like my management and that is not a compliment. (...) I am also living in the Netherlands by the way.

I know what you mean, if a manager speaks about multiculturality he or she means "äftrekken belasting"(deduct taxes)
If I well recall you work in Rotterdam, that is international but is not like Amsterdam, where I live.  Multinational's CEO are even not Dutch in Amsterdam, so the management. If you are a talent, and can benefit of 30% ruling(tax detraction) is a clear win-win, but there is a lot of space also for Dutch people. I like that. In the Netherlands companies can have some fiscal advantage, so all the company in the world come here, but also the company give job to whoever deserve it. I really love this country because of that.  Said that the best dev I met are usually Dutch,  i think this can come from  a cliche'the "Doe maar normal" philosophy ( act normal, that is already too much crazy to act normal), and i clearly see this, Dutch developers usually go immediately to the solution, and I learned a lot from that. Multiculturality is a great thing if you are in a smart environment. I do not work as a  real developer and still I am in a multicultural environment, but differently by the dev places people are much less  ehm.. smart.
5 months ago

Claude Moore wrote:Interesting question. My humble opinion is that no ANN or other deep learning algorithms are really needed to try to predict the outcome of a football match. What do you need, generally speaking, is a way to measure how much a football team is strong in a given moment of the championship, and, because I don't think that the ability to play football can be measured in absolute terms, you need a way to measure a team strength with respect to competitors. Somehow similar to ELO points used in chess. ELO points are based upon the concept that the more the difference of ELO points between two players is,  the more likely is that the player with higher ELO score will win the match. ELO score is adjusted after each match: you get an increment or a decrement of your score proportionally to the difference of your ELO and your opponent's, so that you won't get many points if you are strong and defeat a weak opponent, while you will loose more points if you are defeated by a weaker opponent.
Building an ELO-like score may be enough, and you may try to create such rating by a) assigning  to each team an initial score b) update for each team its score using the recent historical series of match outcomes.

I resolved the first one aspect using an exponential move average, the second point make sense what you say about ELO, an individual score, but also I can assign some weights depending  by the position, or even better bayes theorem to enquire about the state t+1 represented by a new match
While I was seeing the football this evening, I had a huge doubt, and started to panicking. So far in the ANN(artificial neural networks), Classification and regressions  I met as newbe consider some dependent variables, but not the time when they appear.

Let's say I want to predict next week who between Real Madrid and PSG will win the football match with an ANN, so that I have a dataset with all the matches won by the two teams. But since the physical shape of the two teams is really important, the last matches in time order are more representative than the one played long time ago( although I am going to use them)

I know that possibly this is a really complex model , but which K words i can find on the internet to understand which studies should I follow to reply to the next 2 questions?

1) How can I ponder the model so that more I go far in the time and less determinant is the result. I looked in the internet and cannot find nothing, There is a thing called Poisson distribution, but does not seems what I want to do, I was even thinking at a Markov Chain model

2)More important, how can I on the same time ponder/weight all the games the two teams play, basing my predictions with another weight, a coefficient of difficulty of every single match, on the base of the weekly ranking of the teams. Example I will consider more easy for the PSG  the game played with the last team in the ranking that week, than  the match they played against the first one. I could even make things worst, adding to my coefficient of difficulty also the number of goals they scored as a positive thing, and make this coefficient diminish if the number of goals conceded is low.
I know that smart people( for me devs are) are born in every part of the world.
I am Italian and there are a lot of really good devs, I live in the Netherlands, and I meet a lot of Dutch that are really gifted in coding.
Spanish, from all Africa, Serbian, Polish, Russian, Ukranian,Indian. American, English, Danish and so on, when I go to the meetups of devs, I met people from every part of the world, and does not matter where are you from, what will be an indication of your salary and/or respect from the others is your ability to solve problems and that's it, you can even be boring, humorous, rebel, modest, does not matter.

Is not that fantastic?
Code against racism

Is only my vision or is not like this?
6 months ago