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Recent posts by Prino Govder

apologies for the wrong spelling on your surname.
4 years ago
Hi Mr Paine , will this book help a novice who has no experience or exposure to learn the basics on java programming ,
reason i am asking is i am a desktop engineer looking to change career paths to a java programmer..
thank you
4 years ago
ok so the year is December 2017 , still a desktop engineer time went by so fast and i am still in the same place.
what is a good source of info to get started as a junior developer or junior programmer .
"Written for developers with a working knowledge of Java who want to earn the OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Certification." That's what it says at amazon about this book .

So I guess I will need another book , java for beginners or something,
What is a good book you would recommend for someone like me who is only starting to learn java ,
There is like over 100 books on Amazon for a java beginner, WHICH ONE do I choose?.
(I have been reading online tutorials , but prefer a book).
Thank you
Ok so I've been reading this forum and seen majority recommends the OCAJ7 book by Mala Gupta.
Hmmm, I think I should order it.
hi guys , so as the topic says , I'm looking to change career paths , really tired of desktop support. Would like to become a qualified Java Programmer/developer.
I see there is two certification paths ( Oracle certified associate 7 and OCP 7)

1. is these two exams better to take then the OCA 5/6 and OCP6?
2.If I pass just the one exam OCA7, will I be a recognized java programmer or must the second exam be taken (OCP7) in order to get that title.

is there any great books/ study guides that you can recommend for the OCA7?

so far I have been reading tutorials on the internet.

Thank you.