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Recent posts by Aleksandra Semenova

Dave Tolls wrote:What exactly is supposed to happen to this file?
Why would the processing of the file be a potential problem?

I apologize, my last reply was confusing, but the problem is sorted, I'm giving the application server file location, not local user machine location.
3 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:Original file location? Does that mean the place on the client computer where the file was uploaded from?

If so, then you can't get that. It would be a security violation for the server code to know that sort of information about the client machine. So if somebody designed a system which expects that kind of knowledge, the system is going to have to be rethought.

Hi, Yes that means exactly that. Thank for your reply.
But how do I give that information down to java application? I believe - its not a good idea to parse file contents right in the JSP.
3 years ago
Good day,

I'm struggling with the following:
1. I have a form on my JSP to upload the file

2. and some java code that deals with the file:

The problem is this: I need original file location (user selected) - that location will be passed to another application for processing, as those files will be archived after processing.
I've spend a couple hours on google, documentation and trying out all methods available for MultipartRequest, it always gives me a new temporary location on server, which I don't need.
Please, suggest - how do I go around this?
3 years ago
I don't think paper as such will help you anyhow ... unless it's a PHD.
But the preparation and practicing period will improve your java knowledge.
Because when you searching for the job certificates do not play major role there, yes it looks good on the CV, but that's about it.
As soon as you attend any java interview, they will most probably ask you to complete various tasks and talk about previous experience. What you can do, and what you have done is much more valuable.
Good day everyone!
I have a servlets\jsp web app. And what I need to is to display user Location on their profile page.
GPS coordinates I have retrieved from JSON file and they are stored in JSP page called profile.
I have loaded the google maps using google tutorial on my web page, but that's just plane map, so the question is, how to use those coordinates and show user location?

Please help!

Jesper de Jong wrote:Usually Wikipedia is good for an overview.

Wikipedia: SDLC

Which "SDLC" do you mean"? Probably Systems Development Life Cycle? or Synchronous Data Link Control?

Hi, yes "Systems Development Life Cycle". I did read Wikipedia, still not enough. There are a lot of short articles on the internet, but I want something more reputable - a book that I could manage in couple of weeks.
3 years ago
Good day.
I am not sure, if this the right place for my question, please direct me if this was asked before and where.

I don't need a deep knowledge about SDLC. Something short, easy on reading, just be familiar.

Thanks in advance!
3 years ago

zach zhang wrote:

Aleksandra Semenova wrote:
Enthuware is very very similar to the real exam in terms of topic coverage, but the questions are much more complicated, then the real ones.

You mean the Enthuware is still a little bit difficult than the real oracle exam?

Yes Enthuware is way more difficult then the real exam questions.
People around you are right.
Don't just copy -> paste -> run, try to create similar problem yourself.
I wrote 200+ small programs before the exam, and if the case is still not clear - ask on Enthuware forum, they reply within the same day and in general were very helpful, or even better - try solving it yourself by reading the API.
For OCPJP7 my highest score on Enthuware was 69%, and the real exam 75%. So to pass and have a good score you should do 70%+ on practice tests.
Enthuware is very very similar to the real exam in terms of topic coverage, but the questions are much more complicated, then the real ones. If you study every question properly (even the ones that were right), and really understand the concept, you sure wouldn't fail.

luca wagner wrote:

Aleksandra Semenova wrote:Congratulations, this is an awesome score!

You approach is very right, especially reading the API and practicing.

Thanks Aleksandra!
I started to study Spring + Hibernate : if you are doing the same do you have some suggestions about some good manuals or is it preferable to do Spring + Hibernate tutorials online?

I will probably start with this: Java EE 7 tutorial
After that will do Spring and Hibernate. Unfortunately didn't find "All in one" study guide yet. Will try to learn using documentation that they provide. It's maybe not the most pleasant way, but I believe it's a right way.
Alternatively there are couple of nice introductions on youtube, but again only as an introduction.
3 years ago

koilraj abraham wrote:Yes Aleksandra Semenova, I agree with you, OCPJP is quit difficult than OCAJP. To achieve with 80+ score you need to work harder, want to practice more then only you can achieve at least 80+ Score. Hard work, practice and dedication is the only key to get success.

Anyway congratulations for both OCAJP and OCPJP, go ahead for the other certifications with confidence prepare well. Good Luck.

You right! There is only one person to blame for not a great score, is myself. Didn't study enough.
3 years ago

zach zhang wrote:

Aleksandra Semenova wrote:

string processing(which I don't like)

Hi Aleksandra:

Could tell me more about string process? is it about format? regex? or other topics?


Hi, format and regex. You have to memorize common Regular expressions, which I was struggling with the most. Glob pattern also(when searching file\directory).
3 years ago

Stal Alexandr wrote:Aleksandra, my congratulations!
What is your next step? OCWCD or something else?
My average scores at Enthuware are about 50+% now, hope up it to 60+% and then try pass.

Hi, Thank you very much.
Yes the next step is OCWCD, as I want to move that way, but first relevant work experience.

Regarding your score - Enthuware is more difficult then the real exam, so when you hit 70% there, you ready to go.
It's also important to refresh knowledge from OCA, as there surprisingly many questions testing the basics.
3 years ago
Congratulations, this is an awesome score!

You approach is very right, especially reading the API and practicing.
3 years ago