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You better wait and They will update your profile
19 years ago
You may wait for 2-3 weeks and they will send your result on

Good Luck
Congrats Guillaume,
Can I ask what books, refrences and resources in internet did you use?

19 years ago
I've got my first result F scord 0 without no comments, after sending some email I've got comment which was "Missing lock manager source file" and I was sure It's in my jar file so after several email I sent to them they reviewed my assignment and well got the result passed with score 148,
The good thing is no matter how lazy was my assessor thier system still works,
19 years ago
First of all I would like to thank you guys for helping me, especially Michael Morris, Mark Spritzler, Nate
My story about this certification is over and they accept it was their fault. Any way I�ve got my result today.
Here is the detail:
Test: Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform (310-027)
Date Taken: 2002-10-08 12:41:30.000
Registration Number: i14dtt08ef
Site: on72
Grade: P
Score: 148
Comment: This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual number of points you were awarded. This is provided to give you per-section feedback on your strengths. The maximum possible # of points is 155; the minimum to pass is 124. General Considerations(maximum = 58): 56 Documentation(maximum = 20): 20 GUI(maximum = 24): 21 Server(maximum = 53): 51

19 years ago
Actually I have that lock manager inside in my original jar file I submit before so I don't think I need to resubmit if they look carefully
I agree with you about mentioning the jar file size though,

Just to let you know
Finally got comment and this is rediculus,
Comment: Your source code seems to be incomplete. Your api pages and code comments indicate that there is a LockManager class, but there is no file in your source jar.

They said I don't have but I have this class inside of another file called, I am gonna send an email and let them know, see how it goes...
I'll do that, beside the money I steal the time that I have to spend with my wife and my son and I guess they should spend some time to write a simple explanation.

I think we deserve at least 3-5 sentence explaination. Remember, we spend $400 for the exam, and countless hour of hardworking

That's exactly what I said, The funny part is I got error page instead of detail page for two days (creating a simple web page!! Doohh) but after two days there was no comment on detail page
Well anyway I hope you guys get through this assignment without anyproblem and good luck

Thanks a lot guys for your comment,
I put README.txt on the root of my jar file and I ran my appliaction (both server and client) based on my readme.txt file.

maybe even for no additional charge

I hope so
parthi, I did test my application (both in server and client mode in different machine (at home with Linux and XP) and at work in Win2K and It worked fine. I am going to dig more see if I can find anything , I have sent three email to Sun and asked them what was wrong with my assignment but I didn't get anything from them so far.
Anyway, Thanks to you all guys, Thanks for your comments, and I wish best of luck with this assignment.
Here is mine
a. FBNClient.jar: Client application
b. FBNServer.jar: Server application
c. FBN.policy: Policy file, which need to client and sever execution
e. DesignChioces.txt: my Design Choices for this asignment
f. Devassnmt2.jar: Original jar file from Sun Microsystem.
g. db.db: Database file
h. source.jar: source files of my application
i. FBNDoc.jar: Jar file for FBN documentation
I don't know what I missed though

Thanks a lot Guys,
I am going to describe my final package and everything,
Final jar :scjda-blahblah.jar includes:
1- Original db.db
2- DesignChoises.txt
3- Original Jar file from Sun
4- FBN.policy file
5- FBNClient.jar (client application)
6= FBNServer.jar (Server app)
7- README.txt
8- source.jar (source files)
9- FBNDoc.jar (java document)
is there anything else should I add ?

Sandra, I've got my result about two weeks after essay exam.
Hi Guys,
Well that's true but I can't believe it. I don't know what went wrong in my assignment, I tested everything in different OS(windows xp, 2000) and Linux (that's all I have) in both mode, and It worked fine. I followed all the rules from Sun instruction and the comments from you guys (I appreciate again your help). I even create a test application and run 50 clients at the same time, I really don't know what was wrong and can't get anything from Sun after several emails I sent.
Guys, I learned a lot from this assignment and your comments so far but It's not fair after spending 4-5 month my time after work, working on this assignment they just saying you failed and no comment!!!?

Test: Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform (310-027)
Date Taken: 2002-09-21 15:45:32.857
Registration Number: i14dtt08ef
Site: on72
Grade: F
Score: 0
Comment: n/a

I am just confused and I don't know where and which part I should look at and modify if I wanted to upload my assignment again.

well you know the question,

Thanks Mark,
I am wondering if they are going to ask about some API like collection API (like what's difference between ArrayList and vector or HashMap and WeakHashMap) or something special about RMI or Serialization, are they? I don't how can I spend two hours for this exam?!!