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Recent posts by Tomasz Rycerz

Thanks Paul,

I will keep practice in my way to OCPJP exam.

7 years ago
Hi All,

This is a day, when I can announce that yesterday I passed 1Z0-803 exam with 75% score and achieved OCAJP7 Certificate! Maybe it is not that good result, but... A few years ago I failed SCJP6 by 1 (one!) percent point. Then I decided to give up...
But all this time I feel that java is important for me. I could call it my hobby. I haven't worked in java (but 10 years in IT and programing anyway). I come back this year. Studying for last three months very hard.
I used OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Certification Guide by Mala Gupta, Enthuware and also this forum, which was very helpful to understand some nuances.

Enthuware Scores:

Starter: 87%
Test1: 69%
Test2: 80%
Test3: 79%
Test4: 79%
Test5: 77%
Test6: 81%
Last Day: 69%

For me the exam was a little bit easier than the enthuware tests, so I don't understand how did I get worse result (stress?), but at the and of the day I did it! Now I can start to develop my java skills. I would like to work as a programmer first. Any helpful suggestions what should I do next?

To everybody, who is preparing to the exam. Don't give up! You can do this! If you feel java is your thing, then there is nothing what could stop you! ;)
All the best and thank you!
7 years ago
Thank you for the reply and professional explanation. I fully understood how the GC works, the only problem was the sentence with the objects eligble for GC in Line one. I was afraid that I misunderstood the code, but fortnatelly I was right.

Best Regards,
Hi All,

This is my first post here. I'm preparing to 1Z0-803 exam. I have one question to the mock exam from Mala Gupta's OCA Java SE7. The question 45 says:

Examine the following code and select the correct statements (choose 2 options):

a At least two objects are garbage collected on line 1.
b At least one object is garbage collected on line 1.
c No objects are garbage collected on line 1
d The number of objects that are garbage collected on line 1 is unknown.
e At least two objects are eligible for garbage collection on line 2.

The correct answers are d) and e). My problem is with the explanation to option e):

"Option (e) is correct. If you marked this option incorrect, think again. The question wants you to select the correct statements, and this is a correct statement. You may argue that at least two objects were already made eligible for garbage collection at line 1, and you are correct. But because nothing changes on line 2, at least two objects are still eligible for garbage collection"

Why it says, that two objets were already made eligible for garbage collection at line 1? I think it is only one (Artist() reffered by variable a2). Could anybody correct me and tell me which additional object is eligible for garbage collection?