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Recent posts by Suyash Gulati

Hello everyone,

I passed my OCA on 21st January, now i am starting preparation for OCP with K&B7.
As i started reading the book i saw OCA topics were written under the category OCA and OCP, and OCP topics under OCP.
should i be studying all the OCA topics afresh?

Suyash Gulati
I would like to ask,
Is OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide (K&B7) and Entuware mocks enough for passing OCPJP 7?
For the record i cleared OCAJP with mala gupta and Entuware.
i too am from delhi.
I just passed my OCAJP 7 in january this year!
First i'll tell you what i did,
i went to pearson vue center in my area and from where i purchased my voucher and scheduled my test!
What you should do now :
locate the nearest pearson vue test center(from oracle or pearson vue's site), go there and tell them about your situation.
They'll help you in scheduling your exam, because it dosent matter from where you purchase your voucher your test will be conducted at pearson vue center.
Thank You.
As of now the book isnt available at amazon india!
What book should i refer then?
I would suggest you both to learn this order :
static -> instance -> constructor

static and instance includes both variables and blocks.
And which static/instance variable will compile first depends on the order they occur.
This is how generally you should solve questions regarding this.

But for above question Roel has given the best possible explaination.
Now i got my eCertificate!
Thank you

from where i can order my certificate to be shipped?
Steps for it as well!
and I passed
with 86% i don't know it should be bragged or not, i am fully satisfied and happy!
Thank you team javaranch for helping me at every point i needed a quick response(especially Roel ).

i just have one query, from where i can get my certificate posted to my address?
will i get a certificate only after completing OCPJP?
in my certview account- my exam history, my certificate history all are empty!
"Download my eCertificate" link is also empty!
after paying pearson vue center the exam fee, they gave me a receipt/voucher against that.
it got receipt number and account number written on it along with exam fee.
and the representative at their desk asked me to come at the exam date(which is tomorrow).
but there isn't any details about time/date written on this paper.
should i call them up to provide me further details?

i also read somewhere i would need an oracle account for the exam.
should i make one now or my exam center representative will make for me tomorrow in my presence.
Thank you
thank you roel for your quick responses everytime.
then i dont think that would be a problem in my area.
Is there any number of days, that this much days before you have to book the exam?

Sergej Smoljanov wrote:

always get compiler error because you can`t assign to reference of type Child, reference variable of type Parent

but why? p refer to an object of type Child. it should compile, no? :/
can anyone tell me the rules like when you can cast one object reference type to another!
i studied from mala gupta and in that book i thing casting is not given clearly or probably i am not getting the book wants to say.
can anyone specify the rules(all) for casting. like when we should cast explicitly n when not or when it will be a compile time error or a RuntimeException.

(I wrote all because every time i attempt a question about casting i get to know something different OR probably i am getting a bit confused)
Thank You