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Recent posts by gino ruperez has a free course materials in preparation for taking PCAP-31-02 EXAM, I myself is interested to take the exam this year. Is there anyone here who have taken this exam? Any tips on which topic should i  concentrate more would be much appreciated.  Thanks.
1 week ago
Congratulations and All the best!
1 year ago
Thank you folks, it made me smile! I've used Java 8 for the assignment.  My assignment is "Bodgitt and Scarper, LLC" version 2.3.2.  and now my OCM eCertificate is available in my CertView profile but details of my passing score is not yet received. Definitely I will be on holiday next month to relax, still at work right now.   Yes thank you Roel, i will add my name in OCMJD Wall Of Fame.

Here are few tips I would like to share in my preparation and doing the assignment.

- Reference books I bought and read  : Head First Design Patterns, SCJD Exam with J2SE5 2nd edition, chapters 11 to 18 of SCJP book
- Other references used : Demistifying the OCMJD Certification by Robert Perillo (thank you for this paper)  and i subscribed to MyExamCloud eBook, the sample program LibraryManager helps me a lot.
- I've used RMI for Client/Server application mode.
- Java Swing components are extensively used in the application for the GUI part, I've used the GridBagLayout, GridBagConstraints, FlowLayout, JList, JCombo, JSpinner, JTable, AbstractTableModel, JDialog, JFrame, JPanel etc.
- RandomAccessFile has been used for accessing and manipulating of database records and for maintaining the record number I've used the HashMap.
- For locking mechanism, I've used synchronized object and ReentrantReadWriteLock object.
- There are only 5 questions in the Essay part to be answered within 2 hours.

All the best for all those preparing in their OCMJD exams. You can do it!

By the way, for those who achieve a java certificate this year Oracle is giving a free Java Shirt. When i saw it today I applied immediately, below is the link.
2 years ago
I just want to thank everyone here for all the tips and email thread that I've read during my journey for my OCMJD.   Today I'm so grateful and happy I received today a congratulatory email from ORACLE that I've passed the OCMJD, I scored 352.  This is my first posting since I joined here and i'm so thankful that I found this online community.  Truly this online community is inspiring and very helpful.   I will just post next when I get all my detailed scored so I can share a bit of my journey.   Again thank you very much. I really appreciate all the tips I got from here from the time I took my OCP until OCM.

Best Regards,

Gino D. Ruperez
2 years ago