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Mohammed Sardar.

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Recent posts by Mohammed Sardar.

Welcome Karl Beecher ***
     Hope we don't need to read Good programming book if we read this Bad Programming Practice  . Thanks for brought to us.

Warm Regards ...
1 month ago
Good Luck Authors,

   Just gone through the index page and excited to read many new features are covered in this book also with SS(Spring Security) stuff. When coming to App Security, can we expect to enrich our spring knowledge so that we can also code including Banking and Financial Products ? Do we have any hands on practicals with this book?

Mohammed Sardar

8 months ago
Warm Welcomes Sharma & Ashish Sarin. Have a nice time here and Thanks...

8 months ago

Marco Behler wrote:I'd also like to add that it's important to : relax.

Also I find it helps to just check out source code from GitHub and read it. Say you want to see how a web framework like Wicket renders a textbox on a webpage -> find out. How does VLC open up a video file? -> find out.  Simply reading foreign code is a great exercise (but daunting sometimes).

Thanks Marco for your great time. May I ask what is that  "Simply reading foreign code is a great exercise "-> foreign code ? How can we read more on foreign code and this helps us to improve professional coding style ?

Kindest Regards
Mohammed Sardar
9 months ago

Pete Letkeman wrote:A few follow up questions:

  • Is this with regards to an app that you have created?
  • Which device(s) do you have and what version(s) of Android are you using?

  • I suspect that this could be happening with some of the old apps.
    I know that there are two different versions of the Android environments.
    As such, my best guess is that when your device starts up Android converts some apps to the native Android environment.
    A few other possibilities are could be that there isn't enough storage space for the apps to be upgraded.
    Possibly your device does not have enough RAM, or your device does not meet some other hardware requirements for the update to the app.

    There could be an upgrade to the version of Android on your device.

    I do know that Google does update Google services and apps on a fairly regular basis and maybe this is what you are experiencing?

    There are plenty of unknowns right now, so I'm just taking wild guesses.

    Pete Thanks , I can understand your unknown Questions and thanks for your time.  This is not app that I created. This is about Android I'm about talking about.  This is happening only in recent days, When ever mobile goes power outage and if I start again it's keep upgrading every time. I noticed same many times. I would like to learn from the troubles so that trying to trouble shoot with some help from experts.

    So, answer to UK Questions are

  • Is this with regards to an app that you have created?
  •    No, This is Android itself talking about.
  • Which device(s) do you have and what version(s) of Android are you using?
  • I'm using Lenova A6000 Plus with  Android version number :5.0.2
    10 months ago
    Hi All,

       Whenever my mobile goes off due battery down, Android is keep upgrading after manually switch on once battery is charged with 1%. And yes this happens at every time. How come there can be upgrades many times a day ? I noticed each time upgrade is completed till the last patch. How can we investigate or troubleshoot on that ? I need to learn or know this with out shop keeper.  Help/ideas is much appreciated.

    When mobile is off mode and charging shows 1% charging, when mobile is on and charging shows 16% !!, some times 35%!!!,So is the issue mobile or Android software ? Any clues for debugging this issue ?

    Best Regards
    Mohammed Sardar
    10 months ago
    Hi All,

        Please share your ideas to get list of sample Apps or Specifications to whom just start building Java Apps. Thoughts on requirements gathering and technical design spec can also be added. Will be very helpful for many starts and give confident to start the first step. As we say practice and practice coding and we need something to practice, Of course we can search but not the same from Java Experience around here. Please list your ideas utilities too and that will be great for us.

    Eg. 1. Login App 
          2. Library management system
          3. Potato merchant system (Yes, We did)
          4. Bicycle Rent Shop App
          5. Ice cream Shop App
          6. Parking Ticket System
          7. Address Book
          8. Finance tracking
          9. Utilities
          10. More Apps

    A simple document link will also really help to read and understand the requirement clearly, please link here. So, Your comments are welcome.

    Kindest Regards

    11 months ago
    To add some more to last post, Like the Project Ruler has many mathematical  challenges along with well explained spec/required. Of course, we can also use listed in Project Ruler but you know there are with whom if Maths is not happy.

    " If we list all the natural numbers below 10 that are multiples of 3 or 5, we get 3, 5, 6 and 9. The sum of these multiples is 23.

    Find the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000."

    11 months ago
    Hi Jj Hernandez, Welcome to Code Ranch . Please Don't panic and you are on right track if you have started ask questions at this stage. Many nice people are around in this forum who guide us well like one above post.

    Carey Brown Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and not just as comments. I liked that very much. Lots of practice is very important. And you have provided some sample apps too to start practicing.

    And @Carey Brown,Have you crossed any links that provide sample specifications of a project that we can make use to start develop and do further enhancements if required or can ask here for additional ideas ?

    11 months ago

    Emily Green wrote:Hey. My GET controller Requests Parameter as there's two other parameters that I need to pass.
    But I'm not sure how to pass var1 var2 without them passing through the URL. What do you mean by only @Param ? What would that look like ?
    modelAndView.addObject("var1",var1) and then how to pass it?
    Thank you so much

    OK, I guess you are on right track. Now you have added var1 using addObject. Now you will return this MNV as a ResponseBody annotation and then access that var1 in your view. 
    11 months ago

    Emily Green wrote:I have a controller that maps a Post Request.
    Taking the input fields some calculations are made and then saved in two variables. I.e  String var1 and String var2.
    This Controller redirects to a page using  return new ModelAndView("redirect:/user")
    And I have a Controller that maps Get Requests.
    In this controller I will need the values var1 and var2, but I do not want to pass them in the URL, as it will be displayed and I need these values to be hidden.

    Is there a way to achieve this ? To get those two variables inside the Get Controller so I can pass them as objects in the model.

    Hi Did you with Springs' ModelAttribute to bind values inside a map and send to the next controller as a Param and not  a Request Param?
    11 months ago

    Pete Letkeman wrote:
    You are welcome. I don't see why it would hurt to help or why I can't help when I know I can.
    I really do not know why people choose not to help when they know that they can.
    If you are able to help then you least that is the way that I was brought up.

    If you search this site you will find that aside from knowing the material, one of the biggest hurdles for people is time management during the test.
    One thing that did help me with that was knowing that each question is worth exactly the same.
    So an 'easy' question that you can answer in 30 seconds is worth the same as a 'hard' question that takes you a few minutes to answer.

    I hope that I was able to point you at least in the correct general direction.

    Yes, I feel all are unique Objects and Entities on this earth. Each one has their own attributes including helping . And as you stated time constraint is significant for all. I remember the movie "In Time" which has been directed having Time as the main theme.  What ever people buy pay in time not in money, what ever people work for their living time is recharged as remuneration and it was interesting. Just thought to share how time Vs Money is.

    Thanks for your time. I will come back with Many Doubts/Questions for certification. Have a great time Pete as it's nice to meet you here.

    11 months ago
    Thanks Dmitry and Svetlana. Have a great book promo..
    11 months ago
    Admired about your helping tendency Pete. Thanks for that and will read more and think.

    Have a great time.
    11 months ago
    Thanks a lot for help and this really helps me and all. Sure, many are here to help me out on Java. I have a doubt why we need to Enthuware if we are OK to prepare from many source of  books, java ranch and other references. May I know those are sample questions or to make the person to get ready for exam ?

    To keep short, do we get similar questions concept wise from enthu ??
    11 months ago