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Recent posts by Asif Fraz

Carlos Borges wrote:After a big rush against the certification retired deadline, I was able to achieve the certification requirements:
09-JUN-20 - 1Z0-807 - Exam (80%)
10-JUN-20 - 1Z0-865 - The begnning of the Assignment
13-AUG-20 - The Assignment submission (142)
21-AUG-20 - 1Z0-866 - Essay

I tried to finish all the steps as earlier as possible in order to have a chance to make a resubmission if necessary, but it was in vain. They have only gave me the results today, almost two weeks after the certfication retirement. But, fortunatly, I did not need a second chance.

I am very happy and I want to thank all you guys that have shared yours exam experiences and java technology knolodge here. A great thank to Adriano Palomino, who have answer my questions and helped me to think clearly and straighforward.

I am happy to share I got the OCMJEA 6 credentials.

Passed 180-807 on August 31, 2020, with a score of 83%

The other parts were already cleared. In the assignment, I got 149/160.
Welcome Scott Selikoff & Jeanne Boyarsky

Yes I need one for me. Working in Java 8 still but has a strong desire and need to move to Java 11.
Hello members,

I have passed the 1Z0-807. I am very happy. All the other steps I completed already. I wish there comes another version of the exam in the future.

Thanks for all the helpful info shared on this forum by everyone.
Welcome Dylan Shield!

Tuesday 14th July you mean? Start and end dates seem in the wrong order.

2 years ago

Carlos Borges wrote:Hi! I'm facing the 1Z0-865 and, despite everybody says that It is not good to change the Business Domain Model (BDM), I think that It is not possible to fulfill all the requirements of the Use Case Specifications (UCS). I will give you an exemple:

Pretend that the BDM give a SOUP class that is associated with a VEGETABLE class. Despite of that, in the UCS, the assignment says that "the SOUP is made with healthy ingredients (VEGETABLES and MUSHROOMS)".

I believe that instead of vegetable you can make it IIngredient as interface and Vegetable as concrete type of that interface. Then you can change the BDM to associate a soup with ingredient rather than vegetable.
I had purchased these 3 courses from udemy from acloudguru, stephan and practice exams from jon bonso.
All 3 are good.

The most helpful were the Jon Bonso exams for me.
I though found Stephan course is better one out of the two other courses.

Carlos Borges wrote:Hi! I have this dream too. I did the 1Z0-807 one month ago and I'm in a rush in the last two weeks to complete the 1Z0-865. I hope I could make It in time until the end of this month so I would be able do the 1Z0-866 in August.

That's awesome to hear. Not alone in the endeavor. Wish you the best of luck.

In last couple of days for 1Z0-807 I have gone through the following

1. OCMJEA exam book. Read chapters of Business Integration and Security
2. Gone through the ViewHelper/Dispatcher View/ServiceToWorker/Front Controller/Composite View/Service Facade/ResourceBinder/ContextHolder patterns in last
3. Taken Enthuware 1st practice exam then gone through its explanations
4. Taken Whizlabs final practice exam too.

And I am planning to focus more on this prep in next 2 3 weeks too.

Would you suggest me anything to skip? For example I feel that Applets are obsolete, don't know if they still appear in exam. The concept of Applets sandbox etc.


I had a dream to get this cert under my belt.
I have quite a good experience of like 17 years post graduation into the software development field now.
I have cleared the other steps like course, assignment, essay exam.
Only this last step 1Z0-807 is remaining.

Right now I am in a dual mind. Although more inclination is towards going for the exam by 20th August 2020.

I also did AWS Solutions Architect Associate recently.

What do you suggest people? How about going for it?

I just want that feather in my cap.

I feel the concepts still apply when you go to manage projects and do architectural level decisions. Only the particular technologies have some shifts otherwise the actual concepts still apply for better architecture designing.

I think if i get it it will not be bad.
It will still reflect as a positive point.
After some research I found this one to be the cheapest and I also took this course.

Congratulations on passing the steps.
Hello all,

I have this question that if i have to call an external web service to reach a business decision, is it ok if i call the external web service from the application controller while i also have a business layer with ejbs?

For example this will result in a call from the presentation layer to the integration layer bypassing the business layer. Will it be acceptable or not?


I want to ask

1. If your system is to be used by a limited number of clients, is it a good idea to put your system behind firewalls and allow its access via private VPN? In this way you will keep public access out of the way.
2. If you put vpn in place will it effect response time significantly?

1. There is no preference for the course. You can take any to fulfill the course requirement. I have taken "Java EE 7: New Features". The course can't be taken as "Self Study Course" for the certification requirement. I went for "Live Virtual Class" option.

Furthermore I believe the following courses although not required might be helpful for the certification in the order I am mentioning. You can build your knowledge without taking these courses as well.

a) Architect Enterprise applications with Java EE
b) Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML
c) Java Design Patterns
d) Java EE 6: Develop Business Components with JMS & EJBs
e) Java EE 6: Develop Web Services with JAX-WS & JAX-RS

I am planning to take "Architect Enterprise applications with Java EE" from this list as a "Self Study Course" to augment my knowledge. Other expert hands can further comment on these.

2. The training does not have an exam
Thank you Simon Roberts.

Here I have attached a test class diagram with following characteristics.

1. Customer and Investor are two actors (roles) for a business.
2. Both are users of the portal.
3. The user of the portal must be authorized and authenticated before it can access the portal features.
4. The FinancialReport can only be viewed by the Investor.

A) My question is does this attached class diagram rightly presents the above facts?
B) If i am not missing anything still what else i can add to it to make it better?


[NOTE: I do not want to create so many individual threads/topics. Therefore putting all my questions and understandings for class diagram in this same thread.]