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Charles O'Leary

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Recent posts by Charles O'Leary

Jeanne and Scott, Welcome! Congratulations!
Thanks for answering so thoroughly (and with examples), Paul.
Hi Paul,
Do you think there is sufficient time for the real exam?  How does the time for this product compare to the real exam?
Welcome Paul.  Congratulations!   I look forward you having a fantastic week.  

Scott Selikoff wrote:Personally, I was surprised how certain objectives seem identical between the Java 11 exam (1Z0-819) and the Java 17 exam (1Z0-829), yet what you need to know for the exam is very different.

Thanks for the emphasis here Scott.
Is randomness still a concern (from Java 11) that is being carried forward to 1Z0-829?  Or is question distribution pretty even?  Does the online test bank (or book) practice and/or exam questions allow for mimicking this distribution?
What question(s) are you surprised to see that they haven't quite been asked yet that we really need the answers to?
Since the exam is (only) 90 minutes in duration, are time management strategies discussed in the book?  Does the test bank allow for 90 minute enforcement?
Will Kindle be updated to your standards?  Or is the physical book more recommended, especially for errata purposes?
Hello Scott/Jeanne,

Which new  exam Java (17) topics do you envision to be most frequently or practically used even outside of the certification exam preparation?
Welcome and Congratulations, Jeanne and Scott!  Here's to a great week!    
Congratulations on the release of your new book!

When, how, and what moment did you determine to become authors?  Secondly, how good does it feel to have this one on store shelves?  
1 year ago
Hi Tim,

What do you advise when using Ant 1.X and NOT being allowed the any bandwidth to convert things on the job by learning and converting to Maven or Gradle?  Just picking up IntelliJ itself would be a very tall order (time-wise) for management on the job.  Does IntelliJ play nice and import nicely with Ant 1.X?

1 year ago
I understand Eclipse based short keys can be used,  with that option would it be mutually exclusive?  In other words, is it possible to use some Eclipse based short keys while also using IntelliJ short keys for everything else in order to get a "best of both worlds" soft landing while attempting to learn or pick up IntelliJ's ways?

1 year ago