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Khalid A. Mughal wrote:Hi Charles,
Yes. You are right. It is a bummer.
But I guess that would be the case with any publication that had your notes and was updated by the publisher.


I always assume that some would-be first time eBook readers may not be aware of this, so thanks for the confirmation.  However, as you previously noted, one could potentially skip the eBook refresh(es) (unless they are forced), and "manually" update the eBook to retain said annotations.  It's a little blasphemous I know, but it is somewhat of a work around so to speak, while not having to lug the hardcopy books around.


Khalid A. Mughal wrote:The publisher informs me that customers who have registered their eBook on InformIT can "refresh" their digital product and will receive the updated file.


One negative of the "refresh" is that it wipes out any highlights and/or notes that one may have already had previously.  Correct?

Will's eBook get automatically updates?  Or will it be necessary for readers to manually "pencil in" any updates/errata?
Because I enjoy learning using diagrams (among other things), I perked up when I saw that there were "Unique diagrams to illustrate important concepts, such as Java I/O, modules, and streams."   Would you say that they are used to supplement, moreso, and/or teach?  Are there any great "memory joggers" (possibly For Dummies style)?    
Hi Khalid and Vasily.

With your book, for most people, would you say that there is adequate exam time?  If so, are there any pointers to know for sure when one is prepared time-wise to sit and complete the exam with adequate time remaining on the clock?  
Welcome  Khalid Mughal!
Jeanne and Scott, Welcome! Congratulations!
Thanks for answering so thoroughly (and with examples), Paul.
Hi Paul,
Do you think there is sufficient time for the real exam?  How does the time for this product compare to the real exam?
Welcome Paul.  Congratulations!   I look forward you having a fantastic week.  

Scott Selikoff wrote:Personally, I was surprised how certain objectives seem identical between the Java 11 exam (1Z0-819) and the Java 17 exam (1Z0-829), yet what you need to know for the exam is very different.

Thanks for the emphasis here Scott.
Is randomness still a concern (from Java 11) that is being carried forward to 1Z0-829?  Or is question distribution pretty even?  Does the online test bank (or book) practice and/or exam questions allow for mimicking this distribution?
What question(s) are you surprised to see that they haven't quite been asked yet that we really need the answers to?
Since the exam is (only) 90 minutes in duration, are time management strategies discussed in the book?  Does the test bank allow for 90 minute enforcement?