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Recent posts by Charles O'Leary

Alexander Caleb wrote:after the if/else statements, won't another Cardinal object with c2 reference variable be created?

  Yes and subsequently the object will become lost.

Alexander Caleb wrote:Why does this compile because isn't this a case of a duplicate variable?

The first (and only since the code takes either the if or the else) c2 lives within the confines of the if/else.  Outside the if/else I would think that the first c2 is out of scope.  The subsequent declaration, in this case, would not be a duplicate.  Is this consistent with any provided explanation? 


Bert Bates wrote:In general we think that formats like epub currently make it virtually impossible to do a good job creating technical training material.

As someone that isn't up to speed on any of the non-Kindle formats (and their specific strengths and weaknesses), could you please speak to the level of confidence in your publisher's choice of Vitalsource for EBook enthusiasts?  (I own an unrelated Vitalsource book that seemingly looks "identical" to print from my desktop [albeit I keep having, likely unrelated connection/size problems over 4G LTE with the download on my android phone.  For those that may not know, as with Vitalsource, many mobile sites "punt" to their mobile sources when/if available, and in my specific case, a download is required.])  Thus, if/when necessary, your OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II Exam Study Guide Vitalsource book will be updated in "real time" as the print edition gets its updates?    


Elisabeth Robson wrote:The errata will be posted on the McGrawhill site on the book page:

Nothing there right now...

The perfect book!  Sounds like a must buy to me!  Thanks Elisabeth.

I know it's not part of the topic, but if you could additionally point me (I know others have actually asked this question as well) to the (blank?) Errata for OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Exam Guide (Exams 1Z0-808), that would also be very much appreciated.
Greetings (again) Kathy, Bert, & Elisabeth.

I know being Kindle authors can be a challenge within itself possibly.  Thanks for showing love to your Kindle readers! 

With that said, do you think the disadvantages of the Kindle format are or won't be a factor for this book?  Or would you prefer that your avid Kindle readers strongly consider getting your printed book?

Secondly, if necessary, will there be (at least a separate) Kindle Errata for those avid Kindle purchasers? 

Finally, if necessary, even though there may not necessarily be any necessary print corrections to your book, is there any established rollout and/or timeline of Kindle corrections if it were to be necessary? 

For your potential ([possibly future] rancher) readers that only (at least very initially) want to purchase a single book to prepare for the exam (and may have not purchased one of your prior books), what stands out and/or is explained clearer and/or will resonate (more) with this book compared to other preparatory books(, videos, websites, etc.)  on the market today?

Greetings Kathy, Bert, & Elisabeth. 

I know that you all have put in countless hours into each and every page, sentence, example, diagram, figure, table, etc... Thank you tremendously for all your efforts and providing us with another fantastic book.  Unfortunately, there have been times when I've wondered if there was a mistake, typo, and/or maybe possibly an alternative explanation.  Even if it is blank (due to the aforementioned and especially the Technical Review Team), to me, it is informative that it exists, even if it simply means that "everything works as designed" (without content).  Will you be making Errata available?  If so where? 

As an aside, even if it is blank, where can I find Errata for OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Exam Guide (Exams 1Z0-808)?


Roel De Nijs wrote:So my first advice would definitely be: get rid of your IDE, only use your favourite text editor, javac and java. Other opinions about using an IDE while preparing for the OCA exam can be found here.


Jake, That's kind of a non-starter, but without knowing your exact setup, I'd say look at your compatibility settings.
Happy that helped in some way and thanks for providing the Oracle docs, especially highlighting why

Ioannis Gkinalas wrote:
Shadowing fields can make your code difficult to read

As you alluded, the key here is to understand theses different variable types.  Bunny has 3 instance variables: color, height, and length.  Bunny's constructor defines 2 local variables: length and theHeight.  You likely noticed that length is declared as both an instance variable and a local variable.  Without "this." being specified, Bunny's instance variable remains at its default "0" value, while only the local variable explicitly sets itself to itself.  Although color also does not use "this." its initial null default instance reference gets explicitly set to reference "white" because there's no conflicting color declaration. 

As far as Oracle documentation,  look for anything that speaks to local variables and/or instance variables.

I hope that helps.

Sounds like a must read to me.  Thanks! 
Hello Anne and Zak,

Congratulations on your new book!

What are the top reasons to upgrade to (or purchase) this edition as opposed to the previous edition of this book? 

(I imagine that some may have a "different" perspective on the difficulty level of the exercises and test within Scott & Jeanne's book [especially compared to Enthuware], but you nailed it!  Congrats!)

2 months ago