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Yes, it is. It's just one object that implements Serializable.
In my first example there were two EARs too. But instead of returning "Persona" it returned a String and it worked. I really don't know.
Since I have two EARs, one with the bean and another one for the client side (mvc), RAD suggested me to create a remote bean and not a local bean.
For example I tried in this way
the errors are pasted here:

I know it is ugly link another website, I'm sorry, Forgive me

@Dieter I'm reading the guide that you'e linked, hope to find answers.
Hi everyone,

I'm training myself with the EJB 3 technology.
I followed a guide that helped me to create my first stateless bean.
Now, I want to go to the next step, I would like to create a stateless bean that instead of returning a String, it returns an object.
I tried in the same way I did with the first exercise, but I'm getting several errors.
Can someone explain me the way or some good internet guide?

Thank you
Thank you!

I changed it and it works, thank you!

I'm using websphere 7.
The IDE is RAD 8.5
Hello everybody! I like your forum, I solved lots of problems thanks to you
Now I'm getting little nervous because I'm not understanding where are my mistakes.

I have tree projects:
- Test2
- Test2Client
- Test2Web

Test2 and Test2Client are in one EAR and Test2Web in another EAR.
Test2 has a Session Bean, Test2Client has the interfaces (Local and Remote) related to the bean, and Test2Web is the web project implemented with the spring-mvc technology.








The errors that I'm getting are pasted here: