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Recent posts by John Morgan

Does anyone here have any experience with these two?
Which did you consider better?
Is one better suited for enterprise applications versus smaller app?
What were your trials and tribulations with them?

My company is looking at a new application to be built and want to ensure we have all of the information ahead of time and this was one suggestions that we use.

Not sure if this should be here, or in the JavaScript or the Database forum but figured I would start here.

I am working on a tutorial for locking down Angular routes ( and have run into a error: "Dialect needs to be explicitly supplied as of v4.0.0".

My code is as follows:

config.js (not the Dialect is herer on line 17)

database.js (This is where the new Sequelize comes into play)




I have read through various documentation on this but none of the suggestions seem to work for this instance.  Any suggestions?
I found something close to what I want to do but it does not seem to work in angular...

It should just make the location for the router link reset to the base without moving me on the page at all.
I can easily navigate to different anchors, and when I choose anchor #2 I can navigate back to anchor#1... however if I scroll to the top of the page from Anchor #1 I cannot click on the link to bring me back to the anchor#1 point.  That is what I am trying to accomplish.  Not sure if I am explaining that well or not.
Correct. Which is why I was looking for a way to clear it from memory.

Al Hobbs wrote:Doesn't the anchor appear in the url with a # in front?   The anchor mechanism is handled by html so to clear it you would have to change the url  or navigate back to the dogs page without the anchor.  
Why don't you put the dog images in another component  so when you click on the dog or whatever instead of going to the content using an anchor it goes to another route like dogs/<<dogname>>  

Yes it is a URL with a # in front if the ID location and clearing the URL without reloading the page is what I am trying to accomplish. This is a training exercise for some projects we are working on at work so the option of creating another component would defeat the purpose (I have done that elsewhere in my application). I am not even sure if this is feasible at this point but I figured I would ask to see if anyone has come across this from some other aspect of working with Angular.
I have a route to a my Dogs page and then I have anchors for each dog within. I can click on the anchor when the page loads and it will go to the correct ID but once there my browser thinks I am still there even when I scroll to the top of the page.

Is there a way to clear the anchor location so that I can scroll to the top and then back to the same ID again? (Note: If I click on a different anchor I can go back to the first one I clicked on)


Thank you... got it to work...
I did a search for "angular tag carousel", "angular tag carousel array", "angular only carousel" and variants there of... I can only find ones that offer up as a third party (ala slider, owl[which I did successfully implement], and a couple other) but nothing quite what I was looking for. Would you be so kind as to tell me the name of the tag?
Does this include the labels and the description?  
I am trying to build a carousel for pictures of my dogs but for some reason I cannot get it to work... I found a tutorial online that uses a website to pull pictures but I want it from my local project.

I have a folder called “dogs” where I have all my dog code and then separate folders for each of my dogs pictures… basically I want to click on a link and then the carousel will show up all the pics for that dog. I understand I would have to create each caption etc for the pictures but for some reason it does not show the pics at all.

directory structure

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my code:

Sorry for the delayed response... real life stuff got in the way.
Not sure what was changed but after I came back from some time off I started up my PC and eclipse and low and behold the error is gone. I guess my system needed a break too.

Dave Tolls wrote:Then I would guess the other one has access to the source code?

Does the source code in the Elipse that has the source look like proper (valid) source code, or does it look like it might be decompiled code?
Just wondering if that one has some decompiler plugin at work.

1 month ago

Dave Tolls wrote:Do you have the source jar for this code?

Note: since this is the JDBC driver for DB2 it's quite possible IBM has not made the source code available.
This is often the case for proprietary databases.

That was my first thought except it works fine on one PC with the same version of eclipse as I am running on a second. I do not believe this is a configuration issue more than driver issue.
1 month ago
Confirmed that it is the same on both PCs with this code and the JREs are the same.
1 month ago

Ron McLeod wrote:What do you see in the Java Build Path section for that library?  Does it show that there is a source attachment?

Mine looks exactly like the picture you posted... checking the other machine.
1 month ago