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Kavin Varnan

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since Aug 01, 2014
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Recent posts by Kavin Varnan

Hi All,

This is Kavin. I will give you a small introduction about myself.

I have a company based in Chennai, India called Virtual Applets with the team of 6 members. I'm running it for the past 1.8 Years.

Our Technical Expertise:
Android (Expert)
Spring + Hibernate (Expert)
MySQL (Expert)
iPhone (Moderate)
AngularJS + JavaScript (Moderate)

How are we different from other companies:
1) We do all the planning before we start working on any project. We use JIRA for it.
2) We make sure we deliver every module (Sprint) on the promised date.
3) We use SVN or GIT for version controlling.
4) When it comes to code we are very professional. We never HARD-CODE, We do use scope correctly, We write comment for all methods.
5) We make the app scale-able.

Our work Projects:
1) Indulgge
2) Taxi Scout

Our Products:
1) Find my friends
2) Cell Info Display

My Personal Experience:
I have worked on HBO GO A Time Warner company. Worked on Android + Server.
I have worked on Viper StartSmart a part of Directed Electronics. Android + Server

With these two giant App experience i handle any type of mobile app easily

My Requirement:
I would like to join with a Company or an Individual as a technology partner and fulfill their ideas.

I have lot of ideas which can be changed as your product. So i will be happy if there are any Investors who are ready to invest and we can work together in the Future.

8 years ago