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Recent posts by Peter Wei Cai

Thank Franky Cheung for your suggestion,
I just check the, and I found that there are a new book on Java Design Pattern, 4.5 star, <<Design Patterns Java Workbook>>
From the Customer Reviews , it seems better than
<< Applied Design Patterns >>
Defferent people has different opinion on the book.
Thank you for your suggestion.
Thanks Rufus Bugleweed,
From, we can find absolutely different
Spotlight Reviews on the book
<< Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology Study Guide >>
In fact, I am hesitate in buying it for a long time for thereason above.
From your suggestions, I understand that it 's a necessary book for the content-list of SCEA, although it is not as good for the content itself.
Since I am a starter for the SCEA, I think I should buy one.
Thanks Rufus Bugleweed ,
Your infomation is enough for me.
I am now preparing the SCEA part1.
I am going to buy three books on SCEA.
My choice is:
1, Enterprise JavaBeans version3
2, UML Distilled
The another book will be on Design Pattern.
As you know, there are too many books on Design pattern. Which One is the best choice for SCEA part 1?
Or should I buy some bokks else?
Normally people recommends two books:
1, EJB Book , Oreilly
2, UML Distilled
It seems that no people recommend the book "IT Architectures and ...."
Why JavaRanch rate it so high?
JavaRanch give the book - IT Architectures and Middleware: Strategies for Building Large, Integrated Systems
10 rate.
It is the only one book rated 10 in the Javaranch list.
Should I bought it for J2EA part 1?
Hi, An Wang,
Could you give me some information or URL on the XML. Thanks.
I am now a Sun Certified Java Programmer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer.
I have two years Java Programing experience.
What should be the Next for me?
Anybody can give me good suggestion for the hottest one? Thanks.
For the first question:
<%=expression> is absolutely right.
But how about:
<%= expression>
1, "Spaces are not allowed between an equals sign and an attribute value".
I do not understand its meaning. Can anybody show me an example?

2, "JSP and XMl syntax can not be mixed within a page".
below are some JSp code. which are right?
I choose a, c; How about your idea?

<%! int i=0; %>
<%! int j=0; %>
<% out.println(i); %>
<% out.println(j); %>
<jsp eclaration> int i=0; </jsp eclaration>
<%! int j=0; %>
<% out.println(i); %>
<% out.println(j); %>

<jsp eclaration> int i=0; </jsp eclaration>
<jsp eclaration> int j=0; </jsp eclaration>

<% out.println(i); %>
<% out.println(j); %>
<jsp eclaration> int i=0; </jsp eclaration>
<%! int j=0; %>
<jsp:scriplet> out.println(i); </jsp:scriplet>
<% out.println(j); %>
Anand Chawla's Mock Exam
Question 47
The Default value for body-content element of tag library descriptor is
A empty
B jsp
C tagdependent
D none of these

Anand Chawla think B is the right answer;
However, according to the JSP specifications P114:
JSP instead of jsp
Should be "JSP" or both of them are right?