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Recent posts by Alice Hampton

Have you used the tutorial on GIT - it's what I used to help me learn how to use it :

It takes a day or so to get used to it!
I'm using manage drivers where you add thr jar file then from the jar file there should be new drivers added to the drivers list. However, no matter what jar file I add no new drivers other than the test sample database one displays - could this a bug/error or am I doing something wrong? I've followed how to do it directly from eclipses website.

If anyone has any suggestions I'm open to hearing them as I'm quite confused as to why it won't display the drivers!

I'm currently working through BIRT Field Guide 3rd Edition which is great. However I have it set up so a user can choose what is in the report from a list of values (set up parameters) before the report is then run, yet when I run the report without any values specified it doesn't show any results. I do not have the fields as 'required' so they can be left blank.

I thought it was due to them being down as 'null value' but when I changed it to just blank,they still show no results in the table. Anyone any idea how you fix this issue?

Thanks for any help!
@Jesper - yeah thanks I have it like you suggested I already knew I was just trying to point out the part I was wanting to focus on

@Winston - Thanks for the explanation, that's exactly what I was looking for!
9 years ago
I'm trying to create a load of code samples with descriptions. There is one I can't think of what to put for it's description, does anyone have a good explanation for this?

9 years ago
I agree Winston - how you wrote it is how I normally write it actually I've just ended up re-writing it as I've been messing on changing that much of it
9 years ago
Thanks for the answers guys!

It was my method that was causing the issue - I basically did what Knute did in the if else (only just seen your answer now Knute)

Yes Winston I have done - thank you for the advice! I can be a bit messy when I code I should really tidy as I go!
9 years ago
It returns the classpath it currently resides on - C:\Users\fk\git\Merlin


Rather than have the code in the else as that method currently has nothing in it. It was going through a jar file when I debugged when it hit that method I noticed so I changed it to else return and it only retrieves the values once now.
9 years ago
It currently prints out the directory and the classes in a package but it does it twice and debugging it it never hits return - is there anything that can be done to improve it? I don't get why it loops through twice and then goes on to execute the other code :s

9 years ago
I'm currently trying to get the classes in a package and iterate through them - if they implement interface (class) then I will add them to a list. However I can currently only do it for the first class in the package because I'm telling it which class it is - can anyone show me how I could alter my code appropriately in order to make it check all of them in the package?

Package name -
9 years ago
If I did have the classpath - is there a way I could do it then?
9 years ago
Yeah that's the tutorial I meant : )

I just want to check if the class implements interface still but got suggested to try and use classloader today to see if that would work. Then I can put the classes that do in my list.
9 years ago
Thanks for your help again Campbell I normally use his tutorials to help me understand something new as they're quite good! I was looking it in reference to yesterday I got it suggested to me that I could use classloader to get the classes so I can access the contents of them? I could be barking up the wrong tree, but the way I was trying yesterday I was finding it hard to get it work and access the classes within the package so I thought i'd give this a shot and see if it can actually do what I've been told!

I thought it was line 17 but I just put it in as more info is more helpful at times - also I'll try your suggestion for line 17!
9 years ago
I used Mkyongs example but I get a null pointer - never used classloader before so I'm abit of a newbie with it! Does anyone know why? (using java 6) Test file is in same package as this java class.

9 years ago
Yeah can't be too careful when you're a business with stuff like that could cause a lot of problems! Thank you for providing that link - very kind of you! Awaiting 14 minutes to download it now ;P
9 years ago