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Recent posts by Syed AliRaza Zaidi

I think there was a cert on C++ by Borland does any body know about it?
Hi Allz,
I think MS Paper 70-320 some how covers more than 55% stuff this Exam has for instance UDDI , SOAP , XML and Schema's. I have given MS paper but I am surely thinking right now wether to attempt this one or not as I am HSC students and right now my exams are going on which will end on 22nd May so I have only one day for preperation , what u guys suggest should I go for it or not ? I have a good experience in Web Services and dealt with them in both IBM XML PAPER and MS WEB SERVICES PAPER.
Another thing I was looking at Exam outline and Monson Hafel Book today
I think there are some shortcuts to that
We can go through
XML Specification by W3C (Contains noffin much to be worried about just naming conventions , use of namespaces and rules for wellformedness etc.)
XML Schema (I think one of Powepoint tutorial I used for prep. always is enough I think its from
WSDL,UDDI and SOAP(Well you can use books you have there are also alot of tutorials available on internet for instance will provide you some basics but I think one can use w3c documents here effectively)
JAXP,JAXP-RPC etc (What about Sun's specification documents I am not sure how good they are but I would like to hear about it)
I think beside this XML Quick Refrence can be a good help to be used.
So looking for advices !
[ May 12, 2004: Message edited by: Syed AliRaza Zaidi ]
Here goes another vote for delay I vote for 2 week
There is one already out by Microsoft 70-320 it is partially thats true
20 years ago
Congrats Afsah Nice work done
20 years ago
Hi Billy,
We are waiting since 16 June 2003 Its about 2 months and 1 day
Hi Evelyn,
Thanks for the Info.
I am wonder why some guys are determined to keep their critisim towards Pakistani's and Indian's infact to my knowledge these two countries hae produced worlds top class programmer with high potential to work hard migt be some guys have a good shock from rise of Software Export and Outsourcing of IT Services from which Indian IT Industry has benifited a lot while being Pakistani IT Industry in Pakistan is not so strong still developers are enlisted for critisim.
Well to me there is a simple Persian proverb , "Don't reply to fools" so Pakistanis and Indians should follow the same.
Humm me too waiting anxiously keeping my fingers crossed
Humm not to forget me with my one day prepration while suffering from Fever
Original SCBCD will be of about 90 Minutes and it will contain 60 questions.If you have a good EJB Experience than probably it would take one day to prepare for SCBCD but I will suggest you to do atleast one week preperation.
Hi Billy,
I used Essential XML QuicK Reference book + Professional XML Second Edition + Professional XML Schema (Wrox) + XSLT (Doug Tidwell) Orielly+ XFRont Roger's Tutorial+ had some experience with XML.
Hope it helps . Best of the luck for paper
Humm I haven't seen some forum like Java Ranch for Ms Certification . But Microsoft new group is there + you can go to got there forums are really good
Thanks billy for advice but don't have enough money in pocket to go for MCSD