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Hello guys!

1. How much harder is OCPJP 8 than OCPJP 7? Is your book focused on OCPJP 8 exam or on the upgrade exam?
2. How much should I prepare, considering that I've scored 90 for OCPJP 7? Can I skip any chapters in the book to be ready sooner?
3. How many lambda related questions are in the new exam? Is your book focused on lambda or it's a solid book for any OCA 7- programmer?
Hi Jeanne, Scott,

What should one know before trying to upgrade from OCPJP 7 and OCPJP 8 and how is that handled in your book?

The thing is that I've already had an account. This is not the case for me.
How long does it take to receive the prize? No news in the last 3 weeks ...

salvin francis wrote:

Shantha Dodmane wrote:
I'm much comfortable with Spring using annotations.

Don't you think that its simpler to make changes in a single config file without touching and re-compiling your code ?

Going for annotations gives you type safety. There is no panacea for configuration.
8 years ago
My very first reward here, at Code Ranch. Thank you

How do you see your tool compared to Enthuware? Which strong and weak points do you think you have?

I am interested in JEE 7 certifications. JEE 7 is out for quite a while, does anyone know when are the certifications ready? Thanks!
What tools are usually used to measure technical debt?
Ok, I have finished the Head First JSP & Servlets, without taking the final mock exam because I want to re-read the book before taking it. If the v7 will not be available by the end of June, I will probably take the v6.
Hi. I am interested to take OCEWCD, but I'm worried that a new version might appear very soon, as this certification is a little bit old. What should I do? Should I wait for v7? I am not ready for it, I still have to follow a couple of books before I decide to take the exam, but I'm learning fast enough to think about what is the right thing to do here.
I just tried your example with no NPE and IntelliJ IDEA still warns you that it way throw NPE. It seems that it's also a tricky scenario for IDEs too
Hi Venkat,

FP in Java, useless trend or Java is back in business?
9 years ago

Vijay Vishwa wrote:Hi Boyarsky / Selikoff,

Though this book is for Java 8, does it covers the features that was introduced in Java 7 or only the new features of Java 8 ?
Does Java 8 exam covers Java 7 features too ?

I am planning to upgrade myself from Java 5 to Java 8, so I am looking for the book that covers features across Java 6/7/8.


It should cover Java 7 as well because Java 8 is Java 7 + date/time & lambda(mostly).
Hello guys!

I have a friend who is interested to try the Java 8 certifications but he is not sure what book should he try. Every book is special is its own way. What's special about yours? Can you name 3 strong points?

Thank you,