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Recent posts by Diego Mayorga

Finally the answer was to change ports server pentaho tomcat, guide me to achieve this next link Stackoverflow.

Thanks to K. Tsang for the answer.
Yes I understand what you said but is there is some way to do it backwards? Thanks for the replies!
Hi K. Tsang, thanks for the fast answer, i've just found that pentaho have a tomcat 6 in the zip files, and if there other posible to do the other way, install pentaho into tomcat i have already installed on the server?


Hi to all, I'm trying to install Pentaho BI server on a IBM Server. In this server I have already instaled a Tomcat server with a Geoserver service active. What i do to install pentaho bi server:

Download de .zip file.
Unzip and configure the postgres db.
Use de to run it.

The first time it's work fine, a couple of minute later Geoserver shut down (Geoserver is installed on a tomcat 7). I have to stop pentaho services. What I don't saw was that pentaho already have a tomcat server included (it's a tomcat 6). I first tryed to change the tomcat ports on pentaho to 7005, 7080 adn 7443.

Second run happends the same. Pentaho server start but shut down geoserver.

Any one who has done this?