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Recent posts by Samba Siva Rao Potla

I got recieved Cretification Kit on 4Nov2002.
Hi Sridhar,
I guess the XMl Schema online PPTs and W3c's Primer would be enough for Exam preparation.
I passed exam on 07th Oct 2002 with 87%.
Still I did't recieved any certification kit from IBM. Please let me know whome should I contact. Is there any sort of customer service by IBM for Certification kit.
Best Wishes for your next Exam
Hi Ranchers,
I would like to initiate a new Topic mentioned in the subject. The Certified ranchers can post the relevent tips into this topic, these tips may help others.
Here are some tips from me:
- Follow the elimination of irrelevant options and choose appropriate one for answering all type of questions.
- Don�t think of mistakes done by the IBM in preparing the questions. I got one question for which have to select 3 best ans., but the question has only one correct, other answers doesn't have delimiters for attributes.
- Some times you need not to concentrate on the exhibit, you can answer by reading question itself. IBM's real exam would have question as well as exhibit also. So read question first.
- Leave all confusing questions in first round of answering. After getting the confidence of you have answered around 35 question you may attempt those with cool mind.
- Don't think of time. Enough time will be there for review of your answers. But you have to keep track of time.
- For some question u may have to identify the correct code, this type of question is there in mock exam. Identifying the correct schema. This sort of questions looks very big for reading but you can easily answer this within less than one minute, don't defer this type of question for later answering.
Take care of this concept, I got this type of question in Exam.
My score card contains:
Passing score: 58%
Your Score : 87%
Grade : Pass
Section % of Test Your Score
Architecture 18% 0%
Information Model 27% 90%
XMl Processing 33% 86%
XML Rendering 11% 88%
Testing and Tuning 11% 66%
Please help me how to find out why it says 0% for Architecture.
I felt that exam was very easy.
Got surprised by seeing the score as I got 79% in the Mock Exam on Sunday.
I could finish the first round of answering in one hour 10 mins then reviewed two times.
Tones of scenario questions, you can easily answer by eliminating wrong options and choosing appropriate ones.
This forum helped me a lot. Follow all the questions posted here.
I Used Prof XML, XML Schema (ppt and primer) for preparation. Gone thru some specs ( XSLT, XPointer, Xlink).
Here are some of the concepts from which I got the questions:
Schema - Using List, Enumeration,Union , xsd:list concepts, include vs import

XSLT - Using document, number functions , Role of XPath in XSLT ( in which elements), parm vs variable
Schema vs. DTD (one question)
DTD - conditional sections
XSL-FO block level elements

DOM vs. SAX (Four questions)
SAX - Getting Attributes

DOM - Document interface - factory methods (createElement etc)
XLink - scenario question
SOAP - one very basic question
Web Services - one scenario question
No question on Security, Signature, UDDI

Four questions from Mock exams (140 & New)

Hi Already certified guys,
Can you please help me in finding the information about IBM XML Certified Developers in IBM site?
And also I would like to know how IBM would calculate this 87% in spreading for each objective (Architecture, Information Modeling etc).
I am not able to understand my score card it says 0% for Architecture objective.
Hi All,
I passed IBM 141 Exam with 87%.
I would post more one guide lines and experiances later.
Note : Passing Score was 58% (India -Hyderabad).
Thank you very much Ranchers!
[ October 07, 2002: Message edited by: Samba Siva Rao Potla ]
Hi Zhang,
You have given below text.
"CDATA is text that will NOT be parsed by a parser. Tags inside the text will NOT be treated as markup and entities will not be expanded. "
The internal entity references as an attribute (which is of type CDATA) value will be expanded.
Please let me know if am wrong.
Here are the some questions.
-> How can XML Schema author constrain element's text content as mandatory?
Element declaration: <xsd:element name="xyz">
Instance document can contain an empty element <xyz/> which I want to constrain
I guess this constrain can be achieved by specifying element is a key which makes the element as not nillable and also unique (don't needed). Is there any other way of doing this?
-> XML Schema specification Primer 0 says that if minOccurs exists and maxOccurs omitted then the value of minOccurs<=maxOccurs default value i.e 0 or 1.
Whereas Pro XML 2nd edition says that in this case maxOccurs value would be equals to the minOccurs value.
Please clear this confusion or am I wrong in understanding….
Does this mean First predicate would be apllied on the Conext Node and Second would applied on Selected Node set. Location Step can Contains maximum two Predicates.
Please validate me

Hi ,
Please let me know where can I find XML Notes I to III like the one presented here XML Notes - IV