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Recent posts by gmpatil

whenever you choose a pattern for relationship(link) between Classes Together will add Java comment to the generated code. using this unique java comment Together will properly reverse engineer the model from the code. has performance statistics for reading large XML file with various parsers. According to their testing IBM parser will read XML file till the size is 20MB, after that "OutOfMemoryException" is thrown. Though I am able to repeatedly ( 20 - 25 times) create DOM - process - discard DOM with Oracle XML parsers for < 1 MB file before getting "OutOfMemoryException".
DOM and SAX has their own pro's and cons depending on how they are used.
DOM is usefull when data/object represented in XML/XSL file is required for processing more than once. Down side is you can't load whole XML file in to DOM (memory) if XML file size is too large. has performance statistics for reading XML files with varying sizes using different parsers.
SAX is usefull when you need to read data from XML file once, and either convert node data into objects or process immediatly and there is no need to go back to XML file for structural information.
Can I create multiple statements from a single jdbc Connection and execute them in different threads simultaneously ?.
I am asking this Q bcoz, I am writing a servlet which has a static Connection object which other instances/thread of servlet will use to access oracle DB. Servlet should handle 200-300 users during peak hours.
I should control creating statements out of Connection.
what are advantages and disadvantages with each options.
note: some of the columns of table are of type LONG RAW, and I am reading them via streams.
thanks in advance
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