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Recent posts by Bonny Santoso

@Himai Minh

Yeah but I wish at least there were some  practice test sources with the similar level of detail granularity/depth and scope although the questions are different. I don't expect the questions on the exam are really similar, but I need to have an idea about the depth of the topic on those questions.

According to their official  study guide, the questions should be general with some of advance questions, I think it's fair considering the topics included are wide and they don't want to focus on questions that can be assisted by IDE but a lot of people who failed here complained about how complex and too specific the questions are.
19 hours ago
I bought David Mayer mock exam questions as recommended by a lot of people on the net. But the questions are simple questions. Got 43/50 for the 1st test.
Are the questions on the exam harder than that ? because according to the study guide, the questions should be general with some advance questions.
I wish that at least the questions represent the real questions in term of detail granularity, topics and difficulty although they are not the same.
And why do so many people on the net recommend David M mock exams ?

However, the mock exam from is very hard but there are a lot of outdated XML questions. I only scored 3/10 from the free trial questions.
Could anyone who has tried the real exam, check the free trial out and inform us whether this is a good exam ?
But a lot of people recommended David Mayer mock questions, and I have bought it.

I still think the exam takers need some clue about the exam more.

According to their study guide, the questions are general with a few advance questions, but from a lot of people's review, it seems like the exam is really hard and the questions aren't general.
According to pivotal official study guide, most of the questions should be general

"Please keep in mind that you are expected to have a good working knowledge of all the
topics listed. Most of the questions will be very general, however, you will be asked a few
advanced questions

But a lot of people shared their scary experience where the exam is really hard and complex with all the scenario based question ?

What is your comment on that ?

I'm still quite confused because I still have no idea bout what the questions on the exam are like, unlike Java OCA and OCP where a lot of mock questions give some idea about the questions on the exam.

I can answer most of the questions on the study guide:

"When you have worked through this guide and know all the answers, we are pretty
confident that you should pass the certification. It’s recommended to do it as soon as
possible and we wish you good luck with it."

But I'm not quite confident to take the real exam yet because a lot of failed exam takers

Himai Minh wrote:Hi, Bonny.
You are right. The real exam is actually much harder than all those mock exams.
But as long as you study those tutorials recommended by the other people, you should be fine.

The topic is too wide and for every topic we can go really deep and understand it really detailed, but I doubt we need that much detail.
So I'm pretty confused although I have read some tips from members in here.
I still need some example questions that represent the real exam so I have some idea on what I should learn and focus.
Hi guys, like we all know, according to a lot of people, there aren't a lot of good mock exams for Spring 5. However, a mock exam is definitely needed before going to a real exam because even though Spring has created the study guide for us, it still covers a huge and wide topic and we need to have some idea what the exam is like.

But there are some mock exams who are recommended by some users, which one do you think are good ?

David M Spring Professional Practice Exam, highly recommended by a lot of people

itestjava Pivotal Certified Spring Professional (Spring 5.0) - Practice Tests , 2nd most recommended after David M Spring Mock Exams , I've never seen someone recommended this, but it's actually quite good and hard

Personally I have tried the free questions from those exams, and here's what I think:

David Mayer free questions are easy, got 9/10, there's a question like "what is the abbreviation of AOP?", maybe those who try this free questions, can underestimate the real exam questions, but since it's recommended by a lot of people, I guess his real mock questions are in better quality. free questions are hard, got 3/10, a lot of questions are multiple answers questions without a hint of how many answers we should pick, and some of them require us to remember the API like how many getBeans method ApplicationContext has. Oh yeah, the web simulator is extremely slow and the worst simulator I have ever tried. Something that can be finished in 5 minutes can take up more than 10 minutes.

itestjava, just tried it and the free questions were harder than David Mayer free questions but not as hard as, got 5/5 because coincidentally the questions are the ones that I know the answers although it's not that easy. But in their simulator, some of the explanation are not complete. The maker admitted that this hasn't been updated to the most recent exam objective(more on Spring Boot's topic).

And other mock questions/exam like are probably not even worth because a lot of reviewers say the real exam questions are far harder and really different.

Himai Minh wrote:Hi, Mike.

I recommend you to take itestjava's mock exams. But mock exams are just for practice. The real exam is
harder than those mock exams.


Good luck.

How come there aren't good Spring Mock exams like good OCP mock exams from Enthuware ?
I read that David Mayar mock exam is good too.

Himai Minh wrote:Hi, Bonny,
I was not aware these topics on the exam:

How about some spring tags in jsp or thymeleaf ? because I have forgotten about JSP completely.

Oh yeah, if there are multiple right answers, do they tell how many answers that we should choose ?

Could you help us by giving some more information about the questions that appear ?
What's so difficult about them and their main characteristics ?
No you do not have to un-select the mark options, I have passed OCAJP and OCPJP with a lot of marked answers left. But you have to confirm you finish the test twice as described in the instruction.

But how about the exam ? is it difficult ? is it more focused on our knowledge or there are a lot of questions that need to be thought and calculated.
2 weeks ago

Himai Minh wrote:Hi, Bonny,
According to other people in this forum, reading the books is not good enough.
They suggested taking Dominik Cebula's Spring Professional Tutorial for this exam.
And you can also tried those practice exams offered by Dominik, Jesus or some other authors.
My hint is try to read as many as possible.

This Pivotal Spring exam is the most tricky one I have ever seen.

How is this exam compared with Java OCPJP ?
2 weeks ago
Hi, I need some information regarding the topics included in the Spring Professional Certification.
Here are the official exam topics based on their Exam Brief:

• Container (20%)
• AOP (8%)
• JDBC (4%)
• Transactions (8%)
• MVC (8%)
• Security (6%)
• REST (6%)
• JPA Spring Data (4%)
• Testing (4%)
• Boot Into (8%)
• Boot Autoconfig (8%)
• Boot Actuator (8%)
• Boot Testing (8%)

Now, my question is are there questions about the following topics ? because some people advised preparing it just in case they show up, but learning them will consume more effort and memory space in my head, so if they won't show up, I will prefer to skip them and focus on the topics above.

- Spring Cloud
- Reactive Programming
- Messaging (JMS or Kafka)
- Validation
- Logging
- Internationalization and localization
- Asynchronous and scheduling  
- Security for web services (OAuth2) related

Thank you in advance.
3 weeks ago
Guys, I have a question ?
Are the Reactive Programming and Spring Cloud(microservices) included in the exam ?
Based on their official exam brief and study guide, they are not part of the exam.
3 weeks ago
Is the exam also full of traps and tricky like OCAJP and OCPJP ? or is it just testing our knowledge about Spring Framework ?

Is the Pivotal book good ? it's 1000 pages long, I can't believe it's not good enough.
3 weeks ago
Yep, there are a lot of Stream/reduce/Collectors and Collection related questions, make sure you understand it well.

Other topics had around the same proportion.

Fork Join framework is not that complex, please read it through, no need to understand it in detail, the material in Sellikoff book is enough, there are some questions regarding thread, concurrency and probably 2 questions about Fork Join. Even 1 right question matters and can determine whether we pass the exam or not.

And shockingly there were some JDBC questions about update-able result set, please be prepared for that.