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Recent posts by Randy Maddocks

Welcome Nexas, to what is arguably one of the best programming sites on the Internet (if I may say so myself). Here you will find very helpful advice that will challenge as well as encourage you in your journey to learning java.

May you find java both rewarding and exciting!  
1 week ago

Jan de Boer wrote:I have been looking for a job without Agile/SCRUM for a year or so and gave up

From what I am seeing Agile is here to stay (at least for the foreseeable future). I see more and more companies promoting it, and encouraging their employees to embrace it. For me personally I come back to my comment about keeping an open mind. In one project I am currently involved with I have been doing ok with Agile (daily meetings aside). Like most of us, it's a learning process.

I have read several articles about Agile, to try and get a grasp on what it is about Agile some developers do not like. One such article offered some interesting perspectives: Agile - Why hate

Jim Venolia wrote:Agile?  Never used it.  But I have been in situations where we had daily meetings and I can tell you flat out that was a real morale killer.

For me, whether it's because sometimes I feel like we're "meeting'd to death" at work, or because I just sometimes plain hate meetings in general (although I will admit I have been in some very productive meetings over the years, where issues were resolved quicker than they probably would have had we just emailed back and forth), the daily Agile meetings can be hard to take. Sometimes there are so many things you need to do in your work, and a meeting just cuts into that time. But, I can't really blame Agile for that, I have been involved in projects where there were daily meetings and we weren't using Agile.

Again, I am not trying to put Agile down. I haven't used it long enough to give it a fair analysis on whether or not I like it. I do also like to keep an open mind. If I didn't I'm pretty sure I would stagnate in my career.
Thank you for the cow!  
2 weeks ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:But no purchase at all? How does that keep them in business? 

It's funny, I went back and re-read your initial post Jeanne and I had to laugh (to myself, I am working in a cubicle with co-workers, after all). Here in Canada (perhaps in other countries this is done as well, I have to plead ignorance on that as I am not 100% sure) we hear so many ads on radio and TV where they often say "no purchase necessary" (our beer commercials are notorious for including that line). I sometimes think, what if everyone took those kinds of ads to heart, walked into a business, took advantage of whatever offer or contest they were advertising, but did not buy anything? I think businesses look at the odds - the numbers are generally stacked in their favour that the majority of people who come into their business are there to buy something. So they continue to advertise something that sounds risky from a sales point of view to try and entice you to do business with them.

For those familiar with it, I also think of Costco. When I first heard of them and found out you had to buy a membership in order to shop there I thought they had lost their marbles. But not a day goes by that the local Costco parking lot isn't packed with vehicles. And, I myself am a member as well, and find myself shuffling into the store with the rest of the "herd" quite often. Years ago, when I was taking marketing in college (this was a couple of years before Costco opened in this country), this business model would have seemed ridiculous. Who would pay a company to have the "privilege" of shopping there??
2 weeks ago

Jan de Boer wrote:...you as a guy get the blame for it

Very true Jan.

In this day and age we have to be so careful what we say and do, especially with all that's going on with the #MeToo movement and so many male celebrities, in particular, being accused of various questionable actions towards female co-workers, associates, etc.... That's not to say I am against a movement like that, it's great to see something like that that can empower women.
2 weeks ago
Too much to copy here as a quote, but your last post was well put Tim.

Further, under the heading of "far-fetched business ideas": although the marketing of all-you-can-eat buffets has been around since about the middle ages (Buffet history), when they started really offering it (in the U.S. it was round about the 1950s) people thought it was basically "business suicide". People would eat those businesses out of "house and home" and bankrupt the industry altogether. But many forgot the one fundamental fact about human beings and our eating capacity: We can only eat so much, and the thought that people would be going back to the buffet many times over and completely drain a business of it's inventory never materialized (notwithstanding the fact that the buffet stand does require regular refilling). Yes, there are those who can go back for 3, 4 or more helpings, but for the majority that is not the case. How many business ideas over the years have been dismissed as ludicrous, but ended up silencing the critics - this idea being one of them?
2 weeks ago
They've recently been promoting Agile where I work. Maybe it's because I am such a waterfall "traditionalist", but I am struggling to adapt to the Agile methodology. Like most things with me, I am sure in time I will become comfortable with it, but right now not so much.

I also work in a head office, where females outnumber males by at least 20 : 1. I am happily married, but to be bluntly honest it's difficult not to have "wandering eyes", especially in the summer. And I am going no further with that because I could end up in a heap of trouble...That, and the fact that most of the female employees are young enough to be my daughter, has the effect of making sure I conduct myself in a respectful and professional manner.

2 weeks ago
Given the fiasco recently where those 2 black men were arrested I am not surprised Starbucks is doing what looks like some damage control.

I found the variety of responses here very interesting. The business model Tim mentions of charging by the minute is interesting. I personally can see it causing some confusion and not-so-pleasant reactions from the public.

The idea of allowing the use of WiFi and bathroom without having to buy anything could go in a number of different directions for them...on the positive side it might draw in more paying customers, but on the other hand people may take advantage (read abuse) it, sit there for hours using WiFi and not buy anything, taking up a space that Starbucks is making $0 on (which could be taken up by a paying customer instead).

2 weeks ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:My mother and I practice what she should say for common ones.

First of all, very good of you to go over this kind of thing with your mother. The fact that she didn't give her social security number out is encouraging, especially when you consider what could happen had she given it out. Also, for going into specifics with her, like telling her you would never call her to ask for money, you'd go to a friend first. Sometimes we take for granted that people just know how to distinguish between the real deal as opposed to someone who is scamming them into handing over money because they are in an "emergency situation". Sharing that with your mother shows you care. What bothers me most is how sophisticated some of these scammers can be, playing on people's sense of humanity.

Campbell Ritchie wrote: ...it is bad enough having to sit at a bank of telephones without getting an earful too.

Which, in and of itself, can be as demotivating as anything. I have had jobs in past life where I had to do cold calling (door to door nonetheless), and it left a very bad taste in my mouth.
3 weeks ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:...the people trying to steal your credit card number by saying you owe the Internal Revenue Service $ will not

Unfortunately that is all too true. Some "people" (and I am being generous calling them people) have nothing better to do than to scam others. I especially do not like it when seniors are taken advantage of because they are not familiar with how these scammers work, and in many cases are frightened (or too trusting) into giving out their personal information.

Campbell Ritchie wrote: It is kind to hang up; you are not going to say anything rude to them, and the telephone company will get their bill paid

That got me thinking, sometimes if I do end up speaking to a telemarketer I generally give them a chance to run through their sales pitch. I figure the person on the other end of the phone is trying to earn a living, and likely is sworn and yelled at multiple times a day which would wear anyone down. If they are honest and trying to sell a legitimate service or product I don't mind listening. But if it gets into the realm of high pressure sales tactic and such, or they become belligerent, I have no patience for that.
4 weeks ago

Joe Ess wrote:(seriously, they had a terrible reputation)

Ok, still looks cool, but less than favourable in the reliability dept. Kind of like an Chrysler* engine in a Ferrari, eh?  

* Sorry if I have offended any Chrysler lovers out there...
4 weeks ago

Liutauras Vilda wrote:Already got 2-3 emails from them with advertisements.

I can relate Liutauras - it seems more and more nowadays I get asked if I want an email copy of the receipt. Most often I throw caution to the wind and say yes, and next thing I know I am getting email ads about sales they are having.

Henry Wong wrote:The thing that bothers me the most, is that all those government's do not call lists, are completely toothless.

I admitted that since they enacted the legislation in Canada it has cut down on the number of calls, but you're right Henry. Often times governments enact these laws as "lip service", just to appease taxpayers (especially if it's close to election time).
4 weeks ago
Hi Mano,

Your link didn't work, but I searched and found this: Timex Sinclair

Pretty cool machine!  
4 weeks ago
I am somewhat embarrassed to admit we do not have caller display. But, I know if I pick up the phone and I initially get nothing but air on the other end I am 99.9% certain it is a telemarketer and I hang up.
4 weeks ago