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Recent posts by Ishan Dalal

Himai Minh wrote:Are those difficult questions coming from JSR-318 ?
When I took the web service developer exam, some questions may not come from the study materials. I needed to guess the correct answers.
So, do you need to guess the answers for this EJB exam?

Hi Himai Minh,

In my case what I have discover that those questions were from JSR-381 but will test your knowledge indirectly. In my case most difficult questions were on MDB , JMS, Deployment & implementation section..

Hi Michael Kosowski, Himai Minh ,

I have recently cleared EJB Exam with 93% and yes many questions in exam are much similar to those in enthuware . You can fine around 5-10 questions which will might be difficult to answer.

Titi Wangsa Damhore wrote:I looked at the topics and number of questions.
Are they constant?
Can someone else who recently passed verify?

I mean
"Apply best practices to design and implement web services" : 12 questions
Has anyone who recently passed (or failed) the 1Z0-897, verify that they also had 12 question for the topic "Apply best practices to design and implement web services"

I think it would help if we knew which area carries more marks and which areas do not.

BTW congrats. 100% is wonderful.

Hi Titi Wangsa Damhore,
I have recently cleared this exam here and yes Apply best practices to design and implement web services topic has 12 questions. These questions mostly to test your understanding about SOA
5 years ago
Hi All,

Today I Have managed to clear OCEJWSD (Web Service Developer) Exam . Thanks to GOD , My Fallow Ranchers & My Family Members.

It took me one and half month with 7-8 hrs daily study n coding.

Study Material I have used

- Web Service Up & Running 2nd ed
- MZ Quiz & Study Guide
- SOA Using JAVA Web Service by Mark Hansen
- SOA course at my collage
- Jersey Documentation 1.18 (Chap 1 to 5)
- WSIT Tutorial
- JAVA EE 6 Tutorials
- SAAJ API 1.3
- for practical implementation
- Enthuware mock Exams

Exam wasn't that much tough .It contains more question about SOA than the programing exercise .
Enthuware's exams are much harder than actual exams.
5 years ago