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Recent posts by bobby peccia

Disregard last statment! is there a delete statement somehhow?

It is not working stuck in the original place in the ad.

7 years ago
Ok so I got past the server issue I beleive but I basically only swapped it for another one because now Hibernate is asking what my User class is, it should be completely aware of it

I changed my Autowire statements in my controller method to be

I am now plauged with the Hibernate error

thank you
7 years ago
Hello! thank you for the response.

Here is the full line in the stack trace

Lower down the stack trace there is this line

Since I took out package and import names the line it is referencing is this one

When I use the debugger to trace the error, it takes me into the "buildSessionFactory", shown below

Failing on this line of that method

Something I thought that was weird was the above line has a line through it, the only the "buildSessionFactory" letters however.

this error is very strange to me as this code used to work. I had a simple class like the one written above that worked, persisted a user perfectly, it was only when I tried to make the class bigger that it stopped working, I have shortened it back to whats written above and still nothing. Driving me crazy..........
7 years ago
Ok so I am building an ecommerce site using java spring mvc, spring security, maven, hibernate, and some other technologies however those should be the only ones relevant to my problem. I am doing all java config with no XML by the way (which I am currently considering revising since I am running into situations where xml just seems easier).

When I try to build my program (maven install) it builds correctly without errors but when I start/restart my server I get exceptions about configuration.

I have tried to get this down to as simple as possible while still having a user and a role. When I am looking at the code, it really is pretty straight forward stuff - I am dying to find out why it errors out everytime.

Also sorry if this isnt in the correct section, I thought it could fit in the hibernate forum also but I think my root problem is spring based.

Thank you

Main Appconfig class

User class

UserRole class

UserDao Interface


UserService Interface

User Service Impl

Database SQL used

user_id int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
PRIMARY KEY (user_id));

I cant get the server to startup without errors. There has to be something wrong in the code above.

In if I change the line "scanPackages...." to the actual class name


then my server starts up fine and the program is reachable via server on localhost:8080 but when it reaches the line in my userDao to be persisted

I get a different error from hibernate "Cant find entity com.crutchsf.users.model.User"

Here is the main error I get. Basically I can choose which error I want to get now.

thank you
7 years ago