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Recent posts by Harpreet Singh

Has anyone here taken the CompTIA IT Project+ or thought of taking it? If yes, please post your opinion about its value and the money/time/effort spent on it.
Hello Kyle,
I just read the back cover of your book on Amazon. It looks like a good "How-To" and a reference book at the same time. Of course to know for sure, I will have to read the book and I think a free copy will really help
20 years ago

Originally posted by herb slocomb:

I agree, the Jews have a common language, religion, culture, history, an ancestral land they have resided in for thousands of years, AND the United Nations has sanctioned the creation of Israel.
Tell me why they shouldn't have a tiny arid, dusty, sliver of land in the Mid-East?

I think you are oversimplifying this. Sure the Israelis have a valid claim on the land. But Palestinian nationhood and their claim to that land is as valid or as invalid as the Israeli claim. And so would be the claim of Arab Christians who have lived there forever.
Also, you have been consistently saying Jews bought the land and there was no military activity. So does that mean there has been something inherently wrong with armed revolutions around the world, throughout the history?
These are questions of sociology and you can look at it from any angle. What tribe/nation/religion gets to keep a piece of land ulitmately depends on military might and political muscle.
20 years ago
RK Singh,
At a philosophical level you can say that it is not a great idea to form countries bases on religion but the moment you say that there is a bigger debate looming. Why is it right to have countries based on language? Most of european countries are based on language (barring a couple like Switzerland). What right do they have to exist? For that matter what right does India have? The moment you say religion is not the right basis, I think you are questioning every other basis of nationality.
If you ask me nationalities are labels that cater to primal instinct of ego in human beings.
But as long as we have borders in the world, I think Israel has as much right to exist as an arab country, as India or as United states. For that matter Jews have a far more clear definition of nationality than any other country in the world does.
20 years ago
Hello Mahesh,
Can you come up with a little more detail about:
1. Author profile i.e. Who are they, where are they based etc
2. Company profile - where is it based, where is it registered, is it a LLP, PLC etc. How many copies have you sold so far, customer testimonials etc.
3. Sample of what you are selling so that we know what we are buying.
4. Contact info - What no. to call if I need my money back.
I am sure there are a lot of people looking for what you are selling but your website doesn't seem to inspire much confidence at this point.
Apparently there is a websphere certification prep test/study guide available from
Anyone have any idea about this?
Hello Howard,
I have tried the sample test at ICE. There seems to be an awful lot of emphasis on various menus and options. Well, the test is about an IDE.... Anyway, I don't have extensive experience using WSAD and I don't think I can possibly memorize all the options.
Personally, I would like to take 287 instead but then I will be forced take two more tests to get the certificate. That seems like way too much work to get certified in WSAD.
I guess what I am really looking for is something like your book for 286 or maybe pointers to sections in your current book.
Hello Howard,
Do you have any book recommendation for IBM 286? Can your book fill in for 286 as well?
Hello folks,
Has anyone read "WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.0 by Igor Livshin"? I was curious if this book can be used as a study material for 286 exam.
A few more .....
KT - Knowledge Transfer
LOE - Level of Effort
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
RA - Recharge Agreement
DIT - Development and Integration Testing
UAT - User Acceptance Testing
MW - Maintenance Window
CR - Change Request
SR - Service Request
20 years ago
If you have computer science background you might have read C.J.Date's book on RDBMS. If not buy a copy, it will be money well spent. It will give you a solid foundation in RDBMS theory. If you want to go deeper after reading the book, get a math book that explains relational and set theory.
20 years ago
Any specific reason for moving from NYC to Toronto? I have seen people move from Toronto to NYC
20 years ago
Still trying to make up my mind ...
20 years ago
Hello Ranchers,
There is a lot of conversation on Javaranch how management considers programmers dispensable. Given all the threat to programming jobs a lot of programmers have thought of taking alternate paths. Apart from making a complete switch to another profession I think programmers have two choices.
1. Enroll in a management program and in 2-3 years timeframe join the management crowd.
2. Go into academia i.e. try to find teaching jobs with universities/community colleges and do research on the side because the job offers a lot of free time.
After many years of being in technology the idea of management is not sitting well with me. I am interested in finding more about option two. Is there anyone here who teaches in a college/university? What kind of degrees/credentials/experience do you need to get a position like that? What kind of competition are we talking about to get a teaching position? What kind of salary can a starting community college teacher make? What is the career path you can expect? How much time do you have left over for research?
All relevant input appreciated!
20 years ago