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Recent posts by Filipe Madureira

Hello Dominik,

Is there a good resource online to learn Nim from that you can suggest? I'd love to follow a well-documented tutorial/guide.
I'm already reading the documentation over and the language looks really interesting, i'd love to use it for web development!

Thank you in advance,
4 years ago
Welcome Kathy and Bert! Nice to meet you both
Yes! Now it's working properly! Thank you so much <3. To be honest i'm quite confused about what packages are and why i needed one, i'll look into it now.

4 years ago

Junilu Lacar wrote:Maybe this will help you:

Everything should work properly, i did exactly what's written in that part of the page. I seriously can't comprehend what's wrong :/

Dave Tolls wrote:What error(s) is it giving you?

in the

i get a " '.' expected " error.

Meanwhile, in the

line i get a "Cannont find Symbol Test1" error.
4 years ago

Dave Tolls wrote:
OK, at the top of your class you would import the class(es) you want to use...just as the code currently imports the Scanner class.

In the code you would then use them.

I posted in 'beginning java' because i'm a beginner. I don't know how to do that. I'm asking for help.

This is my utility class:

This is my project where i want to use the method 'sumTwoIntegers':

I have no idea what's wrong.
4 years ago
This is what i do:

1. Right click the Libraries folder of the project i want to add my utility classes to.
2. Select the option "add project" and from the list i choose the "FilsLibrary" project which is the project with my utility classes containing useful methods.

I remember our professor telling us this, and nothing else so i'm kinda blocked. Now i'd like to use the methods in "FilsLibrary" and import the file so i'm actually able to use them but i don't know how.

This is the current folder i'm working on:

And basically what i don't understand how to do is this (check the uppercase comments):
4 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Sounds to me that you want utility classes. . . .

Yes that's exactly what i want to do! Thank you very much for clearing up a lot of doubts i had.
How can i use utility classes on my main project though?
4 years ago
*We use.

Where is the edit option in this forum...?
4 years ago

Tim Moores wrote:My advice is: forget about NetBeans for the moment. It is a complex piece of software that takes time to master. You're better off learning Java instead. Use a programmer's editor to write the code, and the command line to compile and run it.

That's not an option. Use use Netbeans in class and during exams.
4 years ago

I'm using NetBeans at the moment.

My professor showed us how we can create a class without any Main method and a list of useful stuff i can use on all my projects. I tried to do the same thing at home but i can't figure out how to make it work.

I wanted to start to code and grow my own library as long as i complete exercises for the class so the inability to achieve this is grinding my gears ahah.

Basically, i create a library project called A, add my ".java" files and when i try to use the project A inside my project B i can't manage to accomplish stuff. I don't even know how to import or call my methods from the library and google is not helping me, it's frustrating.

This will clear everything up:

FilsLibrary is my project without Main method. LproEsercizi is the project in which i want to be able to use my library methods. i right click the "libraries" folder, add the project and that's it. I can't figure out how to continue. Help please
4 years ago
Hey there,
i've started learning android dev a month ago and now i'm trying to build an app which accepts a JSON string request and displays the data.
I've followed several tutorials and guides but i'm really having an hard time understanding how JSON parsing works. I can't really find a guide/tutorial who explains why and how everything works.
There are so many new Objects to use, like

  • URL

  • can you guys suggest me a good tutorial/guide or rather give me an ELI5 explanation? Thank you so much
    4 years ago
    As soon as i posted this i realized i didn't add the proper XML line in the AndroidManifest.xml file when i created the additional activity meant to be started after 5 seconds.

    I feel so stupid ahah.

    Added this line of code in AndroidManifest.xml and now everything works:

    5 years ago
    Hello there!

    I recently started learning to code android apps using android studio! I'm stuck at a little problem at the moment:
    I want to start a new activity 5 seconds after the main activity is created. Basically the main activity is just an artificial splash screen which is meant to disappear after 5 seconds to show the real app.

    After waiting for 5 seconds the app crashes, i posted also the error message i get in the log file. Apparently, the error is in the 19th line of the following code, where i try to start the activity with an Intent:

    This is the error log:
    5 years ago
    Hello everybody!

    I'm completely lost, i'm trying to center a contact form in my "contact" page of my website but i can't manage to achieve it. I use bootstrap and the whole form is inside a row which i already styled with some css. My question is: how can i center the div i created "second_contaier" inside the greater div "main_container" ? I'm lost, lol

    This is the html for the form:

    This is the CSS i still have to complete:

    This is the page still under construction and this is a screenshot of the form not centered: